McKay agrees terms, waits for work permit

Well, it seems that one of Brisbane’s favourite sons is leaving the club in the near future, with repots today that captain Matt McKay has agreed to terms with Glasgow Rangers of the Scottish Premier League. It should come as no suprise that McKay found common ground with the club and is eager to leave, now all thats left before the transfer goes through is the conformation of a work permit from the British Home Office.


McKay, who doesnt automatically qualify for a work permit due to the fact he hasnt participated in 75% of the matches played by Australia in the past 2 years. So now McKay is left to wait until a hearing on friday over in the UK to see if his dream move will go through. It seems as thou its a mere formality however, given the ammount of times that players are granted permits is far higher than the ammount who are rejected, and im sure Rangers can make a strong case citing previous cases in which players were granted the permit. Either way, im sure that Rangers are confident of securing it given that they were surely aware that McKay didnt automatcially qualify, so I expect him to be granted one on Friday UK time, and then the transfer will go thru.


Brisbane fans will have one last opportunity to watch, congratulate, thank and say farewell to the player who has played the most games in club history tommrow night as the A-League champions take on Brisbane Strikers at Perry Park, kicking off at 7.00pm.


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