Where are they now- Fullbacks edition

While we wait for season 7 to begin, we look back at the previous 6 and the players who have graced the pitch at Suncorp Stadium- today, part 2, the fullbacks

Hyuk Su Seo

Name: Seo Hyuk-Su (2005-2009)

Brisbane Roar games: 73
Brisbane Roar goals: 2

Current club: Brisbane Olympic

Seo was always one of my favourites during his 5 seasons with the club and imo it would have been fitting for him have played 100 games
for the club before he retired from professional football. Seo always gave his all and was a fans favourite and still today in the Olympic- Roar fixtures gets a warm reception from the Roar faithful.

Tyler Simpson

Name: Tyler Simpson (2005-2006)

Brisbane Roar games: 4

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Deceased

Other clubs since BRFC: Perth Glory (1), Sydney Olympic, Perth Glory (14), Blacktown City Demons.

Young Tyler Simpson was on his 1st professional deal back then and didn’t really get much game time as at the time most coaches’ preferred to use the experienced players in order to get the results. He did however go on to make a good go of professional football with the Glory before he unfortunately passed away earlier this season.

Spase Dilevski

Name: Spase Dilevski (2005-2007)

Brisbane Roar games: 33

Brisbane Roar goals: 1

Current club: Adelaide United (0)

Other clubs since BRFC: Universitatea Craiova (80)

Ah, Mr. Dilevski, you promised so much but delivered so little.  He arrived with time in Germany and with Tottenham at youth level, but never really offered anything in his 2 years for mine and I wasn’t disappointed when he decided to move on. Will be interesting however to see how he goes with 4 years in Europe behind him.

Todd Gav

Name: Todd Gava (2005-2006)

Brisbane Roar games: 9

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Peninsula Power

Other clubs since BRFC: Brisbane Strikers, Eastern Suburbs

I really can’t remember too much about Gava and his time at the Roar, other than that he was a former Qld Lions player than Miron brought
into the squad. Think he played a combination of RB and CB.

Andrew Packer

Name: Andrew Packer (2006-2010)

Brisbane Roar games: 67

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club:  Retired

Andy Packer arrived in Brisbane as an A-League champion having won the inaugural A-League championship with Sydney and brought that
experience with him to a new looked Roar side in year 2. Packer spent the next 3 years playing at right back and left back and although he never won the favour of the fans it seems, he defiantly was a favourite of Miron Bleiberg and Frank Farina, before he departed the club in 2010 to join the defence force.

Steve Fitzsimmons

Name: Steve Fitzsimmons

Brisbane Roar games: 1

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Retired

Other clubs since BRFC: Palm Beach (25) (5), Beenleigh (24) (7), Gold Coast United (34) (2)

Honestly I didn’t even know that Fitzsimmons had played for the Roar until I went to check around for this, and I defiantly don’t remember
his 1 game for the club. I think it’s fairly safe to say thou that his game was probably from the Bleiberg era, given he signed him for GCU.

Danny Tiatto

Name: Danny Tiatto (2007- 2010)

Brisbane Roar games: 49

Brisbane Roar goals: 2

Current club: St Albans Saints (1) (1)

Other clubs since BRFC: Melbourne Knights (11)

Danny Tiatto brought a combination of everything to the club during his time from classy goals to vital experience and offcourse crunching
tackles. Unfortunately more often than not his tackles missed their mark and he lost his cool far too often. I distinctly remember him losing his cool down in Adelaide in 2008 when the premiership was on the line, and he chopped Travis Dodd in the neck, and the Roar went on to lose the game and the premiership.

Calum O'Connell

Name: Calum O’Connell (2009)

Brisbane Roar games: 1

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Unknown

O’Connell is probably more famous and known as a contestant on the Fox 8 reality show Football Superstar, where in the 1st season
he tried to win a trial with Sydney FC, it didn’t work out and he came north to Brisbane as apart of the youth league squad. Injuries and suspensions gave him his chance early in season 5 and he got thru 87 minutes against Wellington Phoenix.

Matt Mundy

Name: Matt Mundy (2008- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 26

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

Mundy started out as a member of the inaugural national youth league squad but was promoted to 1st team duty by Frank Farina
following the 1st season. Those who regularly watch the NYL side go around will fondly remember Mundy’s lung bursting runs down the left flank,
something he hasn’t really had the opportunity to replicate in the a-league as of yet. His 1st team debut however is my most fond memory thus far
of Mundy, where he stepped into the heart of defence down in Sydney and the team came within 30 seconds of a 1st ever victory in the harbour

Ivan Franjic

Name: Ivan Franjic (2009- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 42

Brisbane Roar goals: 2

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

An absolute unknown when he arrived from the VPL as an injury replacement under Frank Farina and he quickly secured a full time deal.
Ever since he has made the right-back spot his own and was a key factor in the unbeaten streak last season.

Shane Stefanutto

Name: Shane Stefanutto (2010- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 23

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

What is there to say about Shane? A consummate professional, great person in the group and as pre-season viewers know he certainly does a
lot of talking on the pitch. Stef added much needed stability to the left side and is defiantly the best lb in club history for mine.


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