Where are they now- Defenders edition

While we wait for season 7 to begin, we look back at the previous 6 and the players who have played for Brisbane- today, part 3, the defenders.
Josh McCloughan

Name: Josh McCloughan (2005-2010)

Brisbane Roar games: 90

Brisbane Roar goals: 5

Current club: Southern Cross United (Manager)

Other clubs since BRFC: Slacks Creek (Technical Director)

For mine, McCloughan is one of the unsung heroes of the club, tough as teak and rarely beaten in a 1 on 1 contest. Clogs spent the majority
of his time in the heart of defence but late on in his career he re-modelled his game and shifted across to lb where he was equally effective. It wasn’t all about defending thou, McClogs quiet often got himself forward at set pieces and contributed some vital goals.


Karl Dodd

Name: Karl Dodd (2005-2006)

Brisbane Roar games: 12

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: TSW Pegasus

Other clubs since BRFC: Universitatea Craiova, Falkirk (28), Wellington Phoenix (36) (1),  Sydney United, North Queensland Fury (12)

The older Dodd brother only spent the 1 season with Queensland under Miron Bleiberg and spent it switching from right back to
centre back and never really settled into a role in the side before leaving for Romania.


Remo Buess

Name: Remo Buess (2005-2007)

Brisbane Roar games: 28

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC (Youth Team Assistant Manager)

Other clubs since BRFC: Logan United FC

Remo arrived as a foundation player and as an ever present  member of the side during Bleiberg’s reign in the hot seat and did a good job
at left back and centre back. Another unsung hero, but he was one of the more consistent performers of the early years.


Stuart McLaren

Name: Stuart McLaren 2005-2008)

Brisbane Roar games: 34

Brisbane Roar goals:  1

Current club: Loughborough University F.C. (Manager)

Other clubs since BRFC: Perth Glory (2)

Management Career: Brisbane Strikers- Manager, North Queensland Fury-Assistant Manager

Big Stu was a valuable squad member in the early years with his versatility to be able to play as a defender and a striker (almost in a
similar way to Perth’s Jamie Harnwell). My most vivid memory of Stu in a Roar shirt was in the season 2 opener against Perth where he came on at left back and managed to score a goal after bombing on. McLaren is now coaching back in the U.K.


Chad Gibson

Name: Chad Gibson (2005-2007)

Brisbane Roar games: 23

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Joeys FC United

Other clubs since BRFC: Bankstown City Lions, Stanmore Hawks, Lokomotiv Cove FC.

Ah yes, the clubs inaugural captain and league pin up boy spent 2 seasons here in Brisbane but sadly his acting performances with the
balls covered in paint and the brick wall was of higher quality than his footballing ability. While he was a key cog in the side under Miron Bleiberg
when Farina arrived he was quickly banished from the side and Stalwart Josh McCloughan took over captaincy for the rest of the season.


Ben Griffin

Name: Ben Griffin (2006-2009)

Brisbane Roar games: 26

Brisbane Roar goals: 1

Current club: Brisbane Strikers

Other clubs since BRFC: Mitchelton

When Frank Farina took over he showed some faith in the young defender late in the 2nd season and he was a starting member of the side and scored a cracking goal against the Mariners in Gosford. However  the foundation player spent 4 seasons with the club, but never managed to
cement a place in the starting side once Moore arrived and spent the majority of his time in the youth side.


Sasa Ognenovski

Name: Saša Ognenovski (2006-2008)

Brisbane Roar games: 38

Brisbane Roar goals: 2

Current club: Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma (69 (9)

Other clubs since BRFC: Adelaide United (23) (3)

The Sasa Ognenovski story is remarkable one and most people have heard it, but in a professional sense it started here at the Roar when
Miron Bleiberg gave him a chance, and boy did he take it. His partnership with Josh McCloughan and latterly Craig Moore were very impressive and his penalty vs. Sydney will live long in the memory.


Craig Moore

Name: Craig Moore (2007-2010)

Brisbane Roar games: 62

Brisbane Roar goals: 3

Current club: Retired

Other clubs since BRFC: Kavala

The clubs 1st (and so far only) marquee player, Moore brought with him a wealth of experience as well as his undoubted quality to the side and was a key catalyst in Queensland making it to back to back preliminary finals. But in addition to his skill and experience he could pass on to younger players, he also brought a media presence with him which is something that was lacking. Moore also formed a very solid partnership with Luke Devere and played a key role in the young defenders development.


Luke Devere

Name: Luke DeVere (2007-2011)

Brisbane Roar games: 65

Brisbane Roar goals: 3

Current club: Gyeongnam (23) (2)

Other clubs since BRFC:

When the big Ogmonster left for Adelaide, it was the young Devere who was given a chance to step into the side, and boy did he take it,
Devere formed a solid partnership with Craig Moore- off whom he undoubtedly learned a lot- before becoming a key part of the side in the poor season 5, and the successful season 6 before moving on to Korea.

Bob Malcolm

Name: Bob Malcolm (2010)

Brisbane Roar games: 11

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Free Agent

Other clubs since BRFC:  Dundee (3), Cowdenbeath (2)

The worst player in Brisbane Roar history? Big Bob arrived with a tough as nails, no nonsense reputation following a long career in the SPL, but resembled a turnstile in defence and when dropped to the youth squad, proceeded to look worse than those players. Perhaps the only highlight from his time in orange was a headlock on GCU striker Shane Smeltz in the 1st ‘M1 derby’ (Pictured).


Pieter Collen

Name: Pieter Collen (2010)

Brisbane Roar games: 5

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Unknown

Other clubs since BRFC:

Arrived to replace Craig Moore late in the 5th season, Collen was a stop gap signing to fill the numbers in the squad, and did an ok job for the last few games of the season, but not enough to earn another deal.


Matt Smith

Name: Matt Smith (2010- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 33

Brisbane Roar goals: 2

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

Matt Smith has been nothing short of a revelation in the A-League, and that includes his stint at NQ Fury. Assured at the back and good on the ball, Smith was a key cog in the championship winning side, launching attack after attack from the back. The now captain shapes up to be an even more integral player this season.


Milan Susak

Name: Milan Susak (2010-2011)

Brisbane Roar games: 29

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Minangkabau FC

Other clubs since BRFC:

An underrated member of the championship winning team, Susak stepped in at a difficult time when Devere left for Korea, but he did step in
and didn’t miss a beat with some polished performances at the back, including in the finals series. Its hard to believe (at least for me anyway) that he actually played in 29 games last season.


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