Where are they now- Midfielders edition

While we wait for season 7 to begin, we look back at the previous 6 and the players who have played for Brisbane- today, part 4, the midfielders.


Massimo Murdocca

Name: Massimo Murdocca (2005- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 110

Brisbane Roar goals: 2

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

Another inaugural signing, Massimo now holds the honour of being the last remaining foundation player at the club, and injury permitting
he will also overtake Matt McKay in the all time Brisbane appearance list. Tireless, and an unsung hero of the side.


Matt McKay

Name: Matt McKay

Brisbane Roar games: 131

Brisbane Roar goals: 18

Current club: Glasgow Rangers

Other clubs since BRFC: Incheon United (7), Changchun Yatai (15)

Best player in BRFC history? Absolutely. The local kid who rose through the ranks, progressed to the national team and is now at one of the biggest clubs in British football, if not European football. It was also fitting that he captained the 1st premiership/championship side in


Jordan Simpson

Name: Jordan Simpson (2005- 2006)

Brisbane Roar games:6

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Blacktown City Demons

Other clubs since BRFC: BSC Young Boys (8), Perth Glory (6) (1), Blacktown City Demons (16), FF  Jaro (10) (3), Sydney Olympic (10) (1)

The young Simpson was touted as one for the future, but never lived up to that reputation and only got half a dozen games before moving on. I
must have been dozing during these games because I don’t remember much about J. Simpson, other than that he didn’t cut the mustard.


Warren Moon

Name: Warren Moon

Brisbane Roar games:15

Brisbane Roar goals: 2

Current club: Unknown

Other clubs since BRFC: Queen of the South (12), Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Strikers, Peninsula Power
Moon was another one of Miron’s local league signings for the inaugural season and didn’t really have much of an impact on the whole, playing either as a left mid or a centre mid.


Chris Grossman

Name: Chris Grossman (2006- 2009)

Brisbane Roar games:7

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Retired

Other clubs since BRFC: North Queensland Fury (44) (5)

Youth league viewers from the early seasons will fondly remember Grossman and his busy, all action performances were quiet often the highlights and those who saw him could not understand how Farina never gave him a prolonged run in the side.


Carl Recchia

Name: Carl Recchia (2006- 2007)

Brisbane Roar games:1

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: South Melbourne (19) (3)

Other clubs since BRFC: Fawkner Blues (25) (1), Altona Magic (53) (10)

Recchia was one of Miron’s players from the 2nd season and was brought in as a short term injury replacement midway thru the year, but left once Bleiberg resigned.


David Dodd

Name: David Dodd (2008-2010)

Brisbane Roar games: 23

Brisbane Roar goals: 1

Current club: Manly United (15) (2)

Other clubs since BRFC: The much maligned midfielder was often underrated and underappreciated during his 2 years, but to be fair he was fairly limited in his ability anyway so the fact he managed to even look half competent is a miracle. His goal against Wellington was the highlight of that season thou, just for the comedic value.


Charlie Miller

Name: Charlie Miller (2008-2009)

Brisbane Roar games: 30
Brisbane Roar goals: 8

Current club: Unknown

Other clubs since BRFC: Gold Coast United (12) (1), Clyde (5)

He may have been fat, he may have bailed to the coast, but boy could he play. Miller scored in his 1st 4 games for the club and was the key factor to that side in 2008/09 and his hernia injury derailed the side and while Nichols came in and did well, it wasn’t the same. One of, if not the most technically gifted player in club history.


Adam Sarota

Name: Adam Sarota (2008-2010

Brisbane Roar games: 15

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: FC Utrecht (9)

Other clubs since BRFC:

Underused. An excellent player with a good passing range and for mine should have been getting more match action in that season ahead of

Dodd, Karlovic and whoever else but in his 15 games he made a big impact in midfield.


Luke Brattan

Name: Luke Brattan (2008- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 7

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

Rochedale product Bratten has spent the majority of his time in the in the youth squad, but he did get some game time late in the 5th season and early in the 6tth season, and with all the Olyroo call-ups, he should get the chance to cement his spot in midfield this season.


Mario Karlovic

Name: Mario Karlovic (2009)

Brisbane Roar games: 6

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: PSM Makassar

Other clubs since BRFC: Minangkabau F.C.

The only thing I remember about Karlovic is he jumped the fence to thank the fans down in Sydney tbh, can’t remember much about his time at the club, apart from the fact he was a injury replacement for Massimo.


Erik Paartalu

Name: Erik Paartalu (2010- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 33
Brisbane Roar goals: 5

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

Big Erik will forever be in the hearts and minds of Brisbane fans following that header, we all have our stories from that header, but watching it from bay 301 on the sideline and seeing both benches stand up, and the reactions of both (as well as the crowd) is something I will never forget.


Chris Bush

Name: Chris Bush (2010- Current)

Brisbane Roar games: 0 (2 un-used sub appearances)

Brisbane Roar goals: 0

Current club: Brisbane Roar FC

Other clubs since BRFC: N/A

Young midfielder Bush has only been in the system for a season now, but his impressive NYL performances got him a few bench appearances last season, and if he continues it won’t be long until he gets his 1st game.


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