Match review: Brisbane Roar vs Adelaide United.

Wow. How unbelievable was that, just astonishing stuff from Brisbane last night. Being 1-0 down and then 5-1 up within 10 minites….just amazing stuff. Adelaide were incredibly naive about the whole thing with their absolute refusal to change anything and for once Brisbane showed no mercy to their oppostion by running up a cricket score against their opponents. Four goals from Besart Berisha, 2 from Henrique and one from Issey Nakajima- Farran were more than enough to cancel out the opener from ex Roar boy Dario Vidosic.


Brisbane bench: Acton, Adnan, Nakajima- Farran, Danning

Brisbane substitutions: Adnan for Jurman (45′), Nakajima- Farran for Henrique (56′), Danning for Berisha (69′)

Adelaide Bench: Birighitti, Usucar, Ramsay, Malik

Adelaide Substitutions: Ramsay for Slory (41′), Usucar for Levchenko (46′), Malik for Susak (67′)

Brisbane altered their lineup for the 1st time in a month by bringing crowd favourite Massimo Murdocca into the side in place of Issey Nakajima- Farran with Broich moving wide left and that change worked out absolutly brilliantly with Murdocca’s energy a key factor in the stunning performance last night. For Adelaide…well Coolen needs his head read. For starters he played a natural central defender at right back (Susak) while putting a right back in the middle of the the defence (Mullen). From there he had his 2 ‘wingers’ playing narrow and deep making it much more of a 4-5-1 formation leaving plenty of space for Brisbane. Brilliant work Rini…just brilliant.

Adelaide score early:

A shock opener for the reds was delivered by ex Roar man Dario Vidosic who was set thru expertly, however there was more than a hint of offisde about the move with Vidosic being atleast 2 yards offside by my reckoning, but his finish was inch perfect to beat Theoklitos. The follwing minites resulted in a couple more decent chances for the reds that they failed to take. Btw how nice was it to see Vidosic not celebrate his goal, obviously the lad respects the club still and is grateful for the start we gave him and it was a gesture that was greatly appricated by Brisbane fans. Take not, Mr. Kruse.

Brisbane respond:

And how! 5 goals in 16 minites, including a 6 and a half minite hat trick, outstanding stuff. Starting with the 2 penalties, both were won and taken by Henrique who used the same penalty as that epic grand final -perhaps keepers should take note?  You cant really argue with the award of the penalties either with McKain and Cassio hacking the diminuative Brazilian. Now onto the Berisha, Adelaide got absolutly ripped to shreads down their right hand side- but hey thats what happens when you got 2 defenders out of position. On all 3 goals the right hand side of their formation was virtually non-existant with Stefanutto, Broich, Nichols and Murdocca more or less taking the mickey out of them. Outstanding stuff. Credit to Berisha too for his runs and movement off the ball, however the actual finishing of the goals wasnt terribly dificuilt, although you still need to stick it in the net.

2nd half dominace:

While it didnt result in the same ammount of goals as the 1st half, it was an absolute clinic on passing, movement and possesion the likes of which nobody in tihs league appears able to contain or match. Two further goals from Berisha and Nakajima- Farran made it a night to remember for the team as a whole. Berisha’s 4th goal was the end of a beutiful piece of play with Nichols finding Farran who brilliantly flicked it 1st tme to Berisha who slotted home yet again- probably his most difficuilt finish-. Finally Nakajima- Farran scored his 1st goal for the club, follwing yet another fantastic assist from Mitch Nichols.

Scoreboard and Statistics:

Brisbane Roar 7 : (Berisha 23′, 26, 28, 69′, Henrique 20, 36, Nakajima-Farran 80′)

Adelaide United: 1 (Vidosic 5′)

Possession: Brisbane Roar 63%-37% Adelaide United

Shots Brisbane Roar 12- 8 Adelaide United

Corners: Brisbane Roar 5-5 Adelaide United

Offsies: Brisbane Roar 3-3 Adelaide United

Fouls Committed: Brisbane Roar 13- 12 Adelaide United

Player Ratings


Theoklitos 6, Franjic 7, Smith 7, Jurman 6, Stefanutto 8, Paartalu 7, Murdocca 7, Nichols 8, Henrique 8, Berisha 10, Broich 8, Adnan 6, Nakajima-Farran 7, Danning 6.


Galekovic 5, Susak 4, Mullen 4, Mckain 4, Cassio 4, Levchenko 4, Dilevski 4, Caravella 5, Slory 4, Vidosic 6, Vam Djik 5, Ramsay 5, Malik 5, Usucar 5.


Match Preview: Brisbane Roar vs Adelaide United

Brisbane Roar vs. Adelaide United
Friday 28 October 2011
Venue: Suncorp Stadium
Local Kick Off: 7:00pm

Referee: Strebre Delovski / Assistant 1: Ashley Beecham / Assistant 2: David Walsh / 4th Official: Adam Kersey

TV Broadcast: Fox Sports 1

Head-to-Head: All matches (played 19): Brisbane Roar wins 5, Adelaide United wins 8 (6

Brisbane Roar Squad: 1. Michael Theoklitos (gk), 2. Matt Smith (C), 3. Shane Stefanutto, 4. Matt Jurman, 5. Ivan Franjic, 6. Erik Paaratlu, 7. Besart Berisha, 8. Massimo Murdocca, 9. Kofi Danning, 10. Henrique, 11. Issey Nakajima-Farran, 16. Mohamed Adnan, 17. Mitch Nichols, 19. Jack Hingert, 20. Andrew Redmayne (gk), 21. James Meyer, 22. Thomas Broich
*Two To Be Omitted*

In: James Meyer (Promoted), Jack Hingert (Promoted)
Out: Nil
Unavailable: 12. Matt Mundy (Knee Injury – 1 Weeks), 14. Rocky Visconte (Hamstring Strain – 1 Weeks)

Adelaide United squad: 1.Eugene Galekovic (Gk), 2.Osama Malik, 3.Nigel Boogaard, 4.Jon Mckain, 5.Daniel Mullen, 6.Cassio, 7.Zenon Caravella, 8.Evgeniy Levchenko, 9.Sergio Van Dijk, 10.Dario Vidosic, 14.Cameron Watson, 16.Spase Dilevski, 17.Iain Ramsay, 20.Mark Birighitti (Gk), 21.Francisco Usucar, 22.Milan Susak, 23.Andy Slory
*two to be omitted*

In: Evgeniy Levchenko (Returns From Injury), Nigel Boogaard (Returns From Injury)
Out: Nil
Unavailable: Bruce Djite (Groin – 1-2 Weeks)

Did you know? Brisbane Roar will be aiming to extend its undefeated streak to 32 games.

Possible Starting XI’s:

Subs (Brisbane): Redmayne, Adnan, Murdocca, Danning.

Omitted: Meyer, Hingert.

Subs (Brisbane): Birighitti, Mullen, Usucar, Ramsay.

Omitted: Watson, Boogaard.

Season Form:

Brisbane: WWW
Adelaide: LWL

Brisbane once again have given Ange Postecoglou no reason to change the lineup following last weekends performance against the Gold Coast, where despite the good showing from United, Brisbane overcame them in the end with their now distinctive brand of football. Despite the fact that 6 players- Luke Brattan, Ivan Franjic, Mitch Nichols, Michael Theoklitos, Matt Smith and Erik Paartalu- spent part of the week down in Sydney for a Socceroos/Olyroos training camp, that shouldnt prove to be much of a hurdle given that they arrived back in Brisbane tuesday night  and I assume trained wednesday so they should all be good to go. Mundy and Visconte are aparently a week away from fitness, but I think they might spend the next month or so in the youth team anyway, due to the form of the current players, and that they will need some fitness.

Adelaide, the team that many predicted would win the championship this season, have as we know started out reasonably poorly with just 1 win from 3, hardly form of champions no? Spase Dilevski, Sergio Van Djik, Milan Susak and Dario Vidosic all make their way back to Brisbane to face their former side, and it just so happens that those 4 might hold the key to Adelaide with the 4 ex Roar boys making up part of a strong spine, atleast on paper anyway. Nigel Boogaard and Bruce Djite are aparently still not fit, but Evgeny Levchenko is fit and he should make a difference to them.

Last Meeting:

Adelaide 0 -1 Brisbane (Solorzano)

2 January 2011

All time record vs Adelaide United:

Played 19: Won: 5, Drawn: 6, Lost: 8, Goals for: 16, Goals againsst: 18.

Keys to the game:

Brisbane: The key for the Roar will be to get that distinctive passing style up and running as per usual that can destroy any team and their tactics in this league, but as the last couple of games have shown they also need to be switched on at the back. Playing out from the back has been made tougher lately by Sydeny and GCU and im sure that Adelaide wont be any different. Luckily for the Roar the space in behind wont be as easy for the reds to exploit as GCU because Van Djik isnt exactly what you would call quick, but its still important to keep an eye on it.

As far as key players go, well who isnt a key player in the Roar system? but to name few quickly lets look at Matt Smith, Erik Paartalu, Massimo Murdocca and Besart Beriaha. Matt Smiths role in the side is that much more important this season due to him being the absolute leader at the back now, and his role in playing out from the back, and keeping the younger Jurman calm is important. Obviously Paartalu and his spectacularly high passing % is a key factor in the side, but so is Massimo Murdocca, who changed the game completly when he came on last friday. Finally Besart Berisha is a man in form, and when your striker is in form, its a great sign for your side, 2 in 2 for the Albanian hitman and im tipping many more to come.

Adelaide: For Adelaide, 1stly and most importanly for them will be to try and stop the domination of the Roar, but they question for them is how do they do that? Adelaide -like the Roar- are a side thay enjoy having a lot of possession, but history has shown that its not always possible to get enough of the ball in these fixtures to win the game. So do they stick with their possession based game, or do they try something similar to what GCU did last week?

Adelaide’s key players will likely be deployed in the midfield with Caravella, Levchenko and Dilevski given the toughest job in Australian football right now: stopping the Roar midfield machine. Apart from those 3 the creativity of Ramsay and Vidosic will be absolutly crtical in 1stly pressuring the Roar defenders, and secondly breaking at speed to cause a threat. Finally all Roar supporters know the quality of Sergio Van Djik (no, im not talking about his 2yard miss last season), the big guy is the focal point for Adelaide and will offer a totally different threat to anything seen thus far this season by the Roar.

Match Review: Brisbane Roar vs Gold Coast United.

Another fantastic night of football at Suncorp Stadium, and another 3 points to Brisbane Roar over Gold Coast which is always a sweet moment for any Roar fan, either an active supporter or a sideline one, there is few things better than beating the mob down the coast. The match was far more complex than the 3-0 result suggests thou and although we Roar faithful like to say Miron is a mad man who has no clue, imo last night he came with a very well orchistrated approach that really troubled us in the 1st half. More on that in a moment.


Brisbane bench: Acton, Adnan, Murdocca, Danning

Brisbane substitutions: Murdocca for Nakajima- Farran (59′), Danning for Henrique (59)

Gold Coast Bench: Tyson, Rees, Robson, Porter

Gold Coast substitutions: Rees for McGowan (46′), Porter for Macallister (62′), Robson for Rigters (70)

Brisbane as usual played their 4-3-3 system formation and did the same thing they’ve done since the start of last season, however it is Gold Coast’s selection and tactical plan that was more interesting. Ante Rozic pulled out late with an injury so the youngster Brilliante came into the side, and Miron opted to start both Rigters and Macallister in his starting side. If you watched the pre game show yesterday you will see what Miron’s game plan was, and tbh it wasnt a half bad idea, but it relied on GCU being able to hold the Roar out and we all know now that didnt happen.

In a quick summary his plan was to try and contain Brisbane in 2 areas: in the GC attacking third and in the Roar attacking side of the middle third as he put it. His plan was to press all 4 of the Roar defenders + Paartalu so that no man was free, thus forcing Theo to punt it foward and that worked fairly well, especially 1st half. The other part of his plan was then to get back, set up a compact line of defence and midfield that makes it difficuilt for the Roar to break down, and then hit Brisbane on the counter, they were far less successful at this element of the plan but its not a bad idea. As he put it “were not interested in dominating possession, just hitting them on the break”. If you you recorded the pre-game show its well worth watching that segment as it gives a good insight on how teams prepare for matches, and it was also a fascinating look at how teams will perhaps try to play agaisnt Brisbane.

Early Brisbane goal:

If Gold Coast’s plan was to work, they had to keep a clean sheet for the 1st half an hour, sadly (for them) they could only go half that without conceding when Broich whipped in a good ball for Paartalu to head home rather easilly. It was a good free kick and a good header, however the defending from the coast for the goal was poor at best really. I can tell you that Miron and his assistant werent the least amused by the defending.

Gold Coast Pressure:

If Brisbane perhaps shaded the 1st 20 minites, then Gold Coast it could be said did likewise for the remainder of the 1st half. They executed the high pressing game and caused Theo and the Roar backline no end of problems causing them to kick it long time and again. They also had a run of fouls and corners that they just couldnt take and Rigters looked half decent aswell. To Brisbane’s immense credit they soaked up the coast pressure and dealt with it well.

2nd half domination:

The game totally changed when Ange made that double change to bring on Danning and Murdocca, the later ofcourse set up the crutial second goal for Berisha who clearly appreciated the serive provided by Brisbane’s longest serving player. From then on the coast seemed to lose all beleif they could cause an upset and things got alot easier for the Roar and they proceeded to make the most of it by playing their football. Whether this is down to the Roar system prevaling or GCU tiring is debatable and was probably a comination of the two. Nichols wrapped up the 2nd half show with a 3rd goal 10 minites from time, giving them a perhaps flattering scoreline, but meh whatever any win over the rabble from Robina is appreciated espcially after Boxing Day 09 (which coincidently is the last time they beat the Roar)

Scoreboard and Statistics:

Brisbane Roar 3 : (Paartalu 13′, Berisha 60′, Nichols 78′)

Gold Coast United: 0

Possession: Brisbane Roar 58%- 42% Gold Coast United

Shots Brisbane Roar 12- 15 Gold Coast United

Corners: Brisbane Roar 3-6 Gold Coast United

Offsies: Brisbane Roar 1-3 Gold Coast United

Fouls Committed: Brisbane Roar 18- 18 Gold Coast United

Yellow Cards: Brisbane Roar 0-3 Gold Coast United

Player Ratings:


Theoklitos 7, Franjic 6, Stefanutto 6, Smith 6, Jurman 6, Paartalu 8, Nichols 7, Broich 7, Nakajima Farran 6, Berisha 7, Henrique 6, Murdocca 7, Adnan 6, Danning 7.

Gold Coast:

Moss 7, Brilliante 6, Thwaite 6, McGowan 6, Traore 6, Beekmans 7, Brown 6, Jungschlager 6, Halloran 6, Rigters 7, Macallister 6, Rees 6, Robson 6, Porter 6.

W-League Season Preview (and round 1 preview)

The Brisbane W-League side will be going for back-to-back championships like their male counterparts aswell as their 3rd in 4 seasons in what would really stamp their mark as the dominant force of the W-League if they havent already. The majority of the squad is returning it seems, along with coach Jeff Hopkins so there should be a fair ammount of continuity around the squad this season. Grand final hero Lisa De Vanna however will not return, she will be playing for the Newcastle Jets I believe, along with Matildas keeper Melissa Barbieri. As for the rest of the teams Sydney will no doubt be the strongest competitor for Brisbane this season, with the afformentioned Jets, Victory and Canberra United being outside chances.



The Squad: 1. Casey DUMONT, 2. Laura ALLEWAY, 3. Karla REUTER, 4. Clare POLKINGHORNE, 5. Brooke SPENCE, 6. Joanne BURGESS, 7. Kim CARROLL, 8. Elise KELLOND-KNIGHT, 9. Catherine CANNULI, 10. Lana HARCH, 11. Aivi LUIK, 12. Ashley SPINA, 13. Tameka BUTT, 14. Vedrana POPOVIC, 15. Sasha McDONNELL, 17. Emily GIELNIK, 19. Ellen BEAUMONT, 20. Hoshimi KISHI.


Round 1 Match Preview:

Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar
Saturday 22 October 2011
Leichhardt Oval, Sydney
Local kick-off: 3pm

Sydney Fc Squad: – 20. Monique Jackson, 15. Thea Slatyer, 3. Danielle Brogan (C), 5. Estelle Johnson, 6. Servet Uzunlar, 4. Renee Rolloson, 10. Kylie Ledbrook, 2. Teresa Polias, 18. Megan Rapinoe, 9. Sarah Walsh, 12. Teigen Allen, 8. Caitlin Foord, 13. Britt Whittfield, 16. Alisha Bass, 30. Sham Khamis, 14. Rachael Soutar
*One To Be Omitted*

Unavailable: 17. Kyah Simon, (Injured), 7. Heather Garriock, (Injured), 11. Victoria Balomenos (Injured), 1. Lipsher, Allison (Overseas – Returns Week 2), 19. Khamis, Leena (Overseas – Returns Week 4)

Brisbane Roar squad: 1.Casey Dumont (gk), 2.Laura Alleway, 3.Karla Reuter, 4. Clare Polkinghorne (c), 5.Brooke Spence, 6.Joanne Burgess, 9.Catherine Cannuli, 10.Lana Harch, 12.Ashley Spina, 13.Tameka Butt, 14. Vedrana Popovic, 15.Sasha McDonnell, 16.Michaela Hatzirodos, 17.Emily Gielnik, 19.Ellen Beaumont, 20.Hoshimi Kishi (gk)

Unavailable: Elise Kellond-Knight, Kim Carroll, Aivi Luik (all overseas – returns Week 4)

You can see this game on delay on ABC1  tommrow afternoon at 4.00pm.

National Youth League: Season Preview (and Round 1 preview)

This weekend marks the begining of the 4th season of the Australian National Youth League, and gives the next generation of talented young Australia footballers their opportunity to play and train in a semi-professional environment, in the hope of gaining a full time professional A-League job in the future. In the past the Brisbane Roar youth team has produced some extremely talented players such as Tommy Oat, Adam Sarota, Chris Grossman, Luke Brattan and Matt Acton and im sure there will be even more amongst this years batch.

The Squad:

Goalkeepers: Matt Acton, James Eccles.

Defenders: Jason Geria, Corey Brown, James Donachie, Alastair Quinn.

Midfielders: George Lambadaridis, Nick Fitzgerald, Ross Archibald, Jack Bladen, Chris Bush, Kenneth Dougall.

Strikers: Brandon Borello, Tomislav Cirjak, Matt Thurtell.

*In addition to this u/21 players on 1st team contracts are eligible to play NYL + 4 overaged players.

In round 1 this Roar side will face the 2 time defending champions in Gold Coast United in what will probably be a tough game for Brisbane, but imo its defiantly a winnable game. Why? Well GCU may be 2 time defending champs at this level but the majority of them have been promoted to 1st team duties so Mike Mulvey has a tough job on his hands to replicate that success. Some may play down in NYL some weeks, but they wont be able to rely on them.

I wouldnt be suprised if whichever of Danning/Meyer miss out tonight for Henrique plays nyl, + Matt Mundy, Jack Hingert, Rocky Visconte -if fit- and maybe Andrew Redmayne play NYL this weekend for Brisbane in order to maintain some match fitness. For Gold Coast I wouldnt be suprised if youngsters Jerrad Tyson,  Zac Anderson, Gol Gol Mebrahtu and Chris Harold play tommrow, aswell as as their 2 Eritrean ‘refugees’ for match fitness purposes aswell.

Brisbane Roar vs Gold Coast United
Saturday, 22 October 2011
Cleveland Showgrounds, Waterloo Street, Cleveland
Ticket prices: $5 for adults, $2 for children under 15, students, pensioners

**Sadly there is no offical preview for this done by FFA/Brisbane Roar including squads ect, hopefully they sort that out in future weeks

Match Preview: Brisbane Roar vs Gold Coast United

Brisbane Roar v Gold Coast United
Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Local kick-off:
Referee: Peter Green
AR 1/2: Dennis Silk/Brad Hobson
4th official: Alan Milliner

Head-to-Head: All matches (played 6): Brisbane Roar wins 1, Gold Coast United wins 3
(2 draws)

Brisbane Roar Squad: 1. Michael Theoklitos (Gk), 2. Matt Smith (Capt.), 3. Shane Stefanutto, 4. Matt Jurman, 5. Ivan Franjic, 6. Erik Paaratlu, 7. Besart Berisha, 8. Massimo Murdocca, 9. Kofi Danning, 10. Henrique, 11. Issey Nakajima-Farran, 16. Mohamed Adnan, 17. Mitch Nichols, 20. Andrew Redmayne, 21. James Meyer, 22. Thomas Broich
*one to be omitted*

In: Henrique (Promoted)
Out: Nil
Unavailable: 12. Matt Mundy (Knee Injury – 2 Weeks), 14. Rocky Visconte (Hamstring Strain – 2 Weeks)

Gold Coast United Squad: 1.Glen MOSS [gk], 2.Josh BRILLANTE, 3.Michael THWAITE (c), 5.Kristian REES, 6.Paul BEEKMANS, 7.Golgol MEBRAHTU, 8.ROBSON, 9.Joel PORTER, 10.Tahj MINNIECON, 12.Dylan MACALLISTER, 13.Ante ROZIC, 14.Ben HALLORAN, 15.Adama TRAORE, 16.Maceo RIGTERS, 18.James BROWN, 20.Jerrad TYSON [gk], 21.Daniel SEVERINO, 22.Peter JUNGSCHLAGER, 23.Dylan MCGOWAN. *four to be omitted*

In: 7.Golgol MEBRAHTU (promoted), 10.Tahj MINNIECON (promoted), 16.Maceo RIGTERS (visa clearance), 21.Daniel SEVERINO (promoted).
Out: Nil
Unavailable: 19.Chris BROADFOOT (ankle injury – 6 weeks)

 Likely Starting XI’s:

Subs (Brisbane): Redmayne, Adnan, Murdocca, Danning

Omitted: Meyer

Subs (Gold Coast): Tyson, Rees, Minnieccon, Porter

Omitted: Brillante, Severino, Mebrahtu, Macallister

Brisbane ofcourse have no reason to change the lineup having won their opening 2 matches of the campaign but for some reason I think that Henrique will come back into the squad for this match, aparently he has been training the house down this week so my tip is that he comes back in. Obviously for someone to come in, another must go out and imo that person is likely to be James Meyer, due to the fact that Henrique will probably start the game, and Danning offers more off the bench than what Meyer does. Of course theres always a chance that Ange just goes in with the same 15 and lets Henrique get fitness thru the youth league, but part of me expects Henrique to be on the field this time tommrow.

Gold Coast for their part will play the same 4-3-3 formation they did last week against the Mariners and they played fairly well durin that match and were probably unlucky to not get the 3 points. I’ll qualify this by saying you can never predict what Miron Bleiberg will do when it comes to team selection but imo he will probably stick to the same 11 as last week, with the exception of Macallister who got bitten by a Red Back spider. In for him will surely be Maceo Rigters upfront who will probably add something to their attack. The bench could go any way but imo Minnieccon will come back on to their bench, to add some pace off the bench and give his more options to change the game.

Last Meeting:

Febuary 12 2011: Brisbane Roar 4-0 Sydney FC (Barbarouses 3′, Paartalu 42′, Henrique 66′, Broich 85′)

All time record between both sides:

Played 6: Won 1, Drawn 2, Lost 3, Goals for 8, Goals against 11

At Suncorp Stadium:

Played 3: Won 1, Drawn 0, Lost 2, Goals for 7, Goals against 6.

Key Factors to the game:


As usual the key for Brisbane will be their short passing, attack minded game and the game will be decided based upon this and how well Gold Coast can stop the Roar from playing their usual game. Defensivly the Roar will need to be wary of new striker Maceo Rigters and youngester James Brown who has scored 2 goals already this season. If Theo and co and stop these 2 they will probably stop GC. Its also worth noting that Robson has scored 2 goals in 3 games at Suncorp Stadium, so dont discount him either. For me the most interesting thing will be how they deal with a side using the same formation as them, because this season GCU use predominantly a 4-3-3 formation whereas Sydney and CCM use differing variations on a 4-4-2 formation.

Gold Coast:

Gold Coast are the latest side to have a crack at silencing the Roars plethora of attacking options, and its not a task that their manager and supporters fear because they’ve been talking it up all week. Frankly I dont share their confidence, but we shall see. In attack for them the key the key thing will be to not be as wasteful infront of goals as they were in round 1 where they wasted enough chances to win multiple football games. They will need Rigters to come in and be a handful right away which isnt always a sure thing but they will be competitive tommrow night, and they do have the pace to get in behind the Roar defence- especially if Mebrahtu and/or Minnieccon come into the game-.

Looking to Asia

As we all know Brisbane Roar will embark on its maiden voyage into the Asian Champions League next march due to them winning the 2010/11 Premiers plate and Championship -Mariners get in as lucky losers 😉 – . But who will the Roar be facing? Well if history is a guide they will be playing 3 nations from the east asian side of the draw, or more specifically a Chinese team, a Korean team and a Japanese team. So with that in mind and the 2011 versions of the K-League, J-League and CSL winding down, lets look at how the tables stand.



Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification or relegation
1 Kashiwa Reysol 29 19 2 8 52 38 +14 59 Qualification to the 2012 AFC Champions League Group stage
2 Gamba Osaka 29 17 6 6 66 48 +18 57
3 Nagoya Grampus 29 16 8 5 55 32 +23 56
4 Yokohama F. Marinos 29 15 7 7 41 31 +10 52
5 Vegalta Sendai 29 13 11 5 37 24 +13 50
6 Kashima Antlers 29 12 8 9 47 36 +11 44
7 Sanfrecce Hiroshima 29 12 7 10 42 40 +2 43
8 Shimizu S-Pulse 29 10 11 8 35 41 −6 41
9 Júbilo Iwata 29 10 8 11 45 36 +9 38
10 Kawasaki Frontale 29 11 4 14 45 48 −3 37
11 Cerezo Osaka 29 9 9 11 54 45 +9 36
12 Vissel Kobe 29 10 6 13 35 41 −6 36
13 Albirex Niigata 29 9 8 12 33 35 −2 35
14 Omiya Ardija 29 8 11 10 29 39 −10 35
15 Ventforet Kofu 29 8 6 15 36 53 −17 30
16 Urawa Red Diamonds 29 6 11 12 31 35 −4 29 Relegation to the 2012 J. League Division 2
17 Montedio Yamagata 29 5 6 18 22 46 −24 21
18 Avispa Fukuoka 29 5 3 21 24 61 −37 18

The first thing i notice here is that Urawa Red Diamonds are in danger of being relegated and not challenging for an ACL birth via the league, so the team who was the 1st Japanese side to win the ACL has alot of work  to do just to stay in the top teir. Looking at the 3 teams currently in the positions both Gamba Osaka and Nagoya Grampus are well known to fans of Australian Football with Melbourne having some good tussles with Gamba and a certain Soccceroos striker leads the line for Nagoya. The third team I have to admit, i’ve never heard of them, but good on them for challenging for the title. Adelaide’s adversiry from their ACL days -Kashima Antlers- currently lie in 6th.

Empreors cup

Only 3 of Japan’s 4 ACL spots come from the league, the 4th comes from their national cup, the empreors cup. Currently the Emperor’s cup is in the 3rd round and will resume in November, with the final to be held in January 2012. The fixture list for this is out, and if you want to see it, here is the wikipedia link.

South Korea Qualifiers:  Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (K-League Champions- or runners up), Seongnam Ilhwa Chuman (2011 Korean FA Cup Winners)


Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification or relegation
1 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 28 18 7 3 66 31 +35 61 K-League Championship 2011 and
AFC Champions League group stage
2 Pohang Steelers 28 16 7 5 55 31 +24 55
3 Suwon Samsung Bluewings 28 15 4 9 48 33 +15 49 K-League Championship 2011 and
the winner of Playoffs among four
qualifies to
AFC Champions League group stage
4 FC Seoul 28 14 7 7 50 37 +13 49
5 Busan I’Park 28 12 7 9 47 42 +5 43
6 Ulsan Hyundai 28 12 6 10 32 29 +3 42
7 Chunnam Dragons 28 11 8 9 31 27 +4 41
8 Gyeongnam FC 28 11 6 11 38 36 +2 39
9 Jeju United 28 9 10 9 42 42 0 37
10 Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma 28 9 8 11 41 41 0 35
11 Gwangju FC 28 9 8 11 32 41 −9 35
12 Daegu FC 28 8 8 12 35 45 −10 32
13 Incheon United 28 6 13 9 30 38 −8 31
14 Sangju Sangmu Phoenix 28 7 7 14 35 50 −15 28
15 Daejeon Citizen 28 5 8 15 30 59 −29 23
16 Gangwon FC 28 2 6 20 13 43 −30 12

The K-League decides its ACL represenatives a little differently to the J-League, with only the top 2 in the league automatically into Asia’s top league, with 3rd through 6th playing in some sort of 1 legged playoff to deterimine who will be the 3rd team thru in the league. At the present time Jeonbuk and another of Adelaide’s adverseries Pohang Steelers occupy the automatic places. Jeonbuk Motors have at this present time secured enough points to be apart of the top 2 and gain automatic qualification so congratulations to them. Personally i’d like to play Pohang if we get the chance to take them on, they’ve been at the top of Korean football for a while and would be a real test. Also Luke DeVere’s Gyeongnam FC is 3 points outside the ACL playoff zone while Sasa Ognenovski’s Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma are currently 7 points out of the playoff zone. Hopefully Luke and Gyeongnam can squeeze in and we can welcome him back to Suncorp next season.

Korean FA Cup:

Unlike its Japanese counterpart, the Korean FA cup has been run and won with Sasa Ognenovski’s Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma defeating the Suwon Samsung Bluewings 1-0 at the Korean National stadium to secure their passege into the competition aswell. Anybody fancy a return to Brisbane for big Sasa next season?

China qualified teams: Guangzhou Evergrande (CSL champions)


Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification or relegation Head-to-head
1 Guangzhou Evergrande (C) (Q) 27 19 7 1 60 16 +44 64 2012 AFC Champions League Group stage
2 Beijing Guoan 27 13 11 3 46 17 +29 50
3 Liaoning Whowin 27 12 8 7 33 20 +13 44
4 Changchun Yatai 27 10 12 5 31 27 +4 42
5 Jiangsu Sainty 27 11 5 11 34 26 +8 38
6 Shandong Luneng 27 10 8 9 31 28 +3 38
7 Hangzhou Greentown 27 10 8 9 28 27 +1 38
8 Qingdao Jonoon 27 10 8 9 30 31 −1 38
9 Tianjin Teda 27 8 13 6 36 34 +2 37
10 Shaanxi Renhe 27 9 7 11 28 34 −6 34
11 Henan Construction 27 7 10 10 27 31 −4 31
12 Dalian Shide 27 7 10 10 27 39 −12 31
13 Shanghai Shenhua 27 9 3 15 29 41 −12 30
14 Nanchang Hengyuan 27 7 4 16 17 39 −22 25
15 Shenzhen Ruby 27 5 7 15 24 48 −24 22 Relegation to the China League One

Guangzhou Evergrande clearly are the best team in China this year since they have absolutly run away with th CSL, but Joel Griffiths Beijing Guoan -who are perenial qualifiers- are also currently in the top 3 cutoff, but teams who Australian clubs have faced like Tianjin Teda, Shanghai Shenhua, Changchun Yatai and Shandong Leuneng are not.

Chinese FA Cup:

Is currently up to the semi final stage with games being played as I type this blog up actually. The final will take place on November 19 2011. Heres the semi final lineup.

Shandong Leuneng vs Beijing Guoan

Tianjin Teda vs Shangai Shenhua

Ok to end this blog a very quick recap on who is in for the 2012 Asian Champions League, and where will the other qualifiers come from.

East Division: Secured qualification:

Australia:  Brisbane Roar (Premiers and Champions), Central Coast Mariners (Runners up)

Korea Rep: Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors (Korean Champions), Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma (Korean FA Cup Winner)

China: Guangzhou Evergrande (League Champions)

Indonesia: Persipura Jayapura (Indonesian Super League Champions)

East Division: Avaliable Slots:

Japan: League Champions, League Runner up, League 3rd place, Emperor’s Cup Winner

Korea Rep: League Runner up, Korean Playoff winner

China: League runner up, League 3rd place,  FA Cup Winner


Smaller Nations Qualification playoff- East: Arema FC (Indonesian League runner up vs Thailand League Champion (TBC)

West Division Secured Participation: (Nb wont be playing any teams from west Asia in the group phase, or  the round of 16.

Iran: Sepehan (League Champions), Esteghlal (League Runner up), Zob Ahan (League 3rd place), Persepolis (Iranian Cup Winners)

Saudi Arabia: Al- Hilal (League Champions), Al- Ittihad (League Runner-Up), Al-Etifaq (League 3rd place), Al- Ahli (Saudi Cup Winner)

UAE: Al-Jazira (League Champions),  Bani Yas (Runner up), Al Nasr (3rd Place)

Qatar: Lekhwiya (League Champions), Al Rayyan (Cup Winner)

Uzbekistan: Bundyokor (League Champions)

Western Division Avaliable slots:

Uzbekistan: Cup Champions ( Nasaf Qarshi vs FC Pakhtakor)

Smaller Nations Qualification playoff- West: Some sort of knockout play in competion between:

Salgaocar (Indian League Champions), Al-Gharafa (Qatari League runner up), Al-Shabab (UAE 4th place), Nasaf Qarshi (2011 AFC Cup Finalist), Al- Kuwait (2011 AFC Cup Finalist)

The final of the 2012 AFC Champions League will be hosted by one of the finalists, decided by a draw. The group phase will be drawn on 6 December 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.