Our own stadium- Part 1.

A pipe dream for many a Roar fan, but clearly something of a priority for the new Bakrie group, because when Deli Tahir was asked where he would like to see the club in 10 years, he mentioned “playing in their own stadium”. He did say it with a smile, but also seemed somewhat serious about it, so we’ll look at a few different possibilities on where and how that can happen.


In part 1, we will look at the Queensland Sport and Atletics Centre (QSAC), located on the south side of Brisbane. For those that dont know QSAC is located at Nathan approximately 10 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD and 20 kilometres south of Brisbane Airport. The site is now home to many different sports including Volleyball, Athletics, Football aswell as a fair few sports administrations including Football Brisbane and Football Queensland.  Now im not 100% sure that it would be possible to purchase the facilitiy and turn it into a football stadium due to all of the sports that call the facility home, but it is 1 of a select few that have the square footage to build a stadium and training facility. I know the location isnt the most friendly for people on the northern side of the river, but that didnt stop the Broncos getting good crowds to the stadium and with busses running from the city aswell as local train stations it could work. If the Broncos can play there aswell as major international events such as the Commonwealth Games and Goodwill Games can be hosted there, why cant A-League matches as well?



Above is a map of the ammount of space that is avalaible on the land, and its clearly not a small block and the facility could quiet easilly be turned into a boutique 30,000 seat stadium similar to the new Melbourne stadium and Skilled Park at Robina. In addition a new training facilitiy for the club could also be built at the venue  similar to those that exist in European football, aswell as parts of Asia such as Japan. This would also mena they wouldy no longer need to share facilities with other sports such as the Reds. The may also be scope to have some sort of clubhouse ala what the Broncos have at Red Hill and the Lions now have at Springwood, allowing the club to gain revenue from this and a place for fans to watch away games with fellow supporters.  Is this ambitious, absolutly but if the new ownership are serious about the idea of the club having its own facilitiy, this might very well be the best location for it, and the space is there for it to happen.


Finally for anyone new to Brisbane who hasnt seen or doesnt know what the current facilities look like, here is a pic with the current stadium, current training field and big carpark in the distance.


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