Our own stadium- Part 2

Last night we looked at the posibility of having a stadium owned by Brisbane Roar, and we focused in on QSAC over at Mount Gravatt, tonight we look at Ballymore. Ballymore as im sure everyone is aware is located barely 10 minites from the CBD and is easy for people to access,  provided you are driving. There is very little in the way of public transport near the ground, and a quick look suggests there is a bus stop just outside the ground, and Wilston train station -on the Ferny Grove line- is aproximatly a 10-15 minite walk away.


Brisbane Roar have been using Ballymore for a while now, with the club using it as a training base since 2009 , sharing facilities with Super Rugby franchise Queensland Reds. In addition the Youth and Womens teams have been playing matches at the venue since their respective competitions for a while now, especially the W-League team who have gotten very reasonable crowds to the venue.


Of course Ballymore and the A-League has been mentioned many a time in the past, with Brisbane announcing a match at the venue against Perth Glory in November last year, before a fixture re-shuffle from the FFA (they brought it foward 1 week) allowing the match to be played at the clubs current home, Suncorp Stadium. In addition to this Marco Montaverde and the Courier Mail have been reporting for years now that the club have been looking into playing games at the venue due to high costs at Lang Park, but found that corporate facilities were not upto scratch at the venue.


The Queensland Rugby Union (QRU) currently own the facilitiy, and they themselves have some plans to renovate the area either into a boutique stadium, ot a Rugby training area for the Reds, and a facility for the Wallabies to utalise while they are in Brisbane. One article also claimed something called the Queensland Rugby Championship final would also be played at the venue. So with that in mind it could be difficuilt to purchase the land and turn it into a dedicated home of football in Brisbane.


Ballymore, while being in a central location, imo is not the best location to play games at simply due to the lack of public transportation opportunites for people to get to the game, and there is also a limited ammount of parking at the venue. As a Brisbane Roar specific training base and facility for Youth and Womens matches its fine, but for A-League games there just isnt enough parking for people, and I think you would see many fans stop attending games at that venue. Also dont forget that the QRU would be very reluctant to sell the ‘Home of Rugby’ especially to a direct competitor in an extremely competitive sporting market. For mine there are better alternatives than Ballymore out there than to redevelp Ballymore, one of which we looked at yesterday, and over the coming days we will look at more of those possibilities.


Below are a coule of pictures showing the space avaliable at Ballymore, and a couple of differrent variations on what the QRU plan on using the facility for.



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