Match Review (NYL): Brisbane Roar vs Ais

The following is from the official Brisbane Roar Website:

Brisbane Roar (George LAMBADARIDIS 10’, Nick FITZGERALD 17’, 30’)
Australian Institute of Sport (Anthony PROIA 12’, 45’)
Saturday, 12 November 2011
Cleveland Showgrounds, Waterloo Street, Cleveland
Kick-off: 3.30pm
Alan Milliner

Brisbane Roar: 1. Matthew ACTON (gk), 2. Matt MUNDY, 3. Corey BROWN (17. Jack HINGERT 45’), 4. James DONACHIE, 5. George LAMBADARIDIS (10. Tomislav CIRJAK 60’), 7. Chris BUSH (c), 8. Jason GERIA (6. Ross ARCHIBALD 53’), 13. Kenneth DOUGALL, 15. Nick FITZGERALD, 16. James MEYER, 18. Rocky VISCONTE

Substitutes Not Used: 20. James ECCLES (gk)

Yellow Cards: None

Red Cards: Matt MUNDY 45’

Australian Institute of Sport: 1. Paul IZZO (gk) (20. Jordan THURTELL (gk) 78’), 2. Matthew DAVIES, 3. Riley WOODCOCK, 4. Connor CHAPMAN (c), 5. Jack GREEN, 7. Benjamin GARUCCIO, 8. Yianni PERKATIS (6. Mitchell OXBORROW 45’), 9. Anthony PROIA, 10. Stefan MAUK (12. Daniel BARAC 45’), 11. Kwabena BOAHENE (21. Benjamin WARLAND 57’), 16. Jacob MELLING

Substitutes Not Used: None

Yellow Cards: Mitchell OXBORROW 69’, Riley WOODCOCK 73’, 89’

Red Cards: Riley WOODCOCK 89’

For a more detailed analysis from the clubs perspective, click here



Few observations:

System and Style of Play:

Is basically exactly the same as the 1st team as is to be expected, but you can really see them trying to develop their games in a way that suits that style of football, and even with 10 men today it allowed them to maintain a reasonable ammount of possession which is a great sign. The runs the players make are a little different -thinking about the runs of the cm’s especially Lambadaridis- but thats not to say its bad, its just a different way of movement which can be a good thing. Lambadaridis had a good game and capped it off with a very good opening goal.



In a word, brilliant! Made some key stops and nearly saved the penalty right on half time but that wasnt what impressed me the most, infact it was what he was doing when the ball wasnt near him. Throughout the entire game Acton could be clearly heard  screaming at defenders and midfielders offering solutions in attack and also sorting out his defensive organisation, it was brilliant to see in such a young keeper.



To me they looked a little suspect actually and looked like they wernt at their best. To be fair this is the 1st time i’ve seen them live this season so it could be a once off, heck they (Brown, Geria and Donachie) just got off a plane from the Young Socceroos so I should’nt be so harsh on them but their passing was astray today and their foward movement wasnt flash. Mundy for his part was vocal and looked solid on the right, til he got himself sent off. Visconte played at LB in the 2nd half and imo he didnt look half bad in the role.



Its clear that they train with the first team and get guidance from Postecoglou because they played some very impressive stuff in their this afternoon with Bush and Lambadaridis especially getting foward and being very creative on the ball. Dougall should’nt be left out either because he played in the Paartalu role today and did a fantastic job maintaining possession and starting attacks. The wide men in Cirjak, Fitzgerald and Visconte (1st half) were lively and managed to get on the end of a few chances and Fitzgerald especially looked leathal with 2 brilliant finishes. Personally I would not be suprised if he got into to 1st team soon.



Meyer was the striker for the full 90 today so he wont play tommrow in the A-League and maybe i’m being very harsh today but I dont think he did enough to warrant 1st team selection. Granted he worked hard and he had to do it 2nd half as a lone ranger of sorts, but just didnt seem sharp today, and his miss late on from 6 yards -over the bar- sums his afternoon up. I’ll put it down to an off day for him, but I think he needs to perform to a much higher standard to get himself back into the 1st team.


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