New training base.

Yesterday our fearless leader Ange Postecoglou outlined that he believed it was time for the club to have their own training facility due to timing conflicts with the Queensland Reds Rugby Union team –congratulations on winning the Super Rugby Championship btw-. This is something I strongly agree with Ange over, and it needs to happen. The positive thing is that it appears to be something on the clubs radar with Chief Executive Michael Bowers flying to Jakarta to speak to the owners about this topic. Here’s a few quotes regarding the topic today from Bowers and Postecoglou, as reported by Marco Montverde.


Ange Postecoglou- Brisbane Roar Manager:

“That’s the issue for us . . . Ballymore is the Reds’ training facility and they’ve got every right to have first preference,” Postecoglou said. “That’s why we keep saying we need our own base.  It’s not ideal us to be training at the time we’re training (today) because of the heat. “We’ll also get knocked out of our routine. That’s the kind of thing we need to avoid. “Hopefully we can put our resources towards getting our own base at some point so we can pick the times we train and make it suit our needs rather than somebody else’s. “It’s our number one priority.”


Michael Bowers- Brisbane Roar Chief Executive Officer:

We’ve got the vision to be the best club in Asia, and the best club in Asia needs to have facilities of world-class standard,” Bowers said. “If we said today that we’ve got a site and  we’ve got the money, you’re still looking at two years before you can say you’re doing the grand opening.”


Ok so now let’s look at the possible options and their pros and cons that currently exist, starting with the 3 that the Courier Mail speculated (Perry Park, Meakin Park, and QSAC) and also another couple of local Brisbane Premier League club options that popped into my mind today. For the purpose of this speculation I’ve take into consideration that the club is probably looking for a training base similar to that of the Reds
and Broncos, with up to date facilities and the potential to host NYL and W-League games, and doesn’t want to have to share that facility with another professional team, so with that in mind we move on to the pros and cons of each.


Perry Park:


–  Central Location

–  Has a reputation as ‘Brisbane’s home of football’

–  Already has a stadium for Youth/Women’s matches and potential as an A-League venue if ungraded sufficiently

–  Potential to turn it into a clubhouse for supporters


–  Pitch quality not always the best

–  Stadium is now owned by the Local Government, and leased back to the Strikers making it challenging to alter the setup.

– Stadium used for QSL games by the Brisbane Strikers

– Stadium is a bit run down and would require significant upgrades to the pitch, the stands and the equipment required for a pro team
(gym, rehab pool, ect)


Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre:


– State of the art sport science facilities, gym facilities and rehab pool

– 2 Fantastic quality playing surfaces

– No major sporting team based at the facility

– More than adequate amount of office space

– W-League side already train there

– Enough capacity to host NYL and W-League matches



– Owned by Queensland Government and leased to the QAS

– Facilities would need to be shared with a variety of other sports

– Not as central of a location as Perry Park, but in truth its not that far from the CBD

– Difficult to get to for people who are dependant on public transport.


Meakin Park:


–  Quiet location

–  Good quality surfaces

–  Multiple fields

– No other professional teams or associations use the facility

– Clean slate with potential to build up



– No real possibility of playing Youth/Women’s games at
the facility

– Not a central location

– Traditionally a Rugby League venue, who are planning an
upgrade as well.

– Questionable surface quality

– No current gym/recovery/sport science facilities


Ok now moving onto some of the other ideas that popped into my mind when this idea came up, all of which are basically just the pick of the
state and local league facilities: Cleveland Showgrounds, Spencer Park, Carmichael Park, A.J Kelly Field and Lions Stadium. These are far less likely imo due to the fact that they are used by local league clubs, but for the sake of speculation lets take a look anyway.


Cleveland Showgrounds:


– Club obviously like it due to NYL and Women’s games at the venue

– Good quality of surface

– Room to build it up as required

– Multiple fields



–  Poor quality of location

–  Not a popular choice for fans

–  No current gym/recovery/sport science facilities


Spencer Park:


– Good quality location

– Good stadium facility for women’s/NYL games



– Only one pitch

– No current gym/recovery/sport science facilities

– Pitch quality can be variable

– Grandstand would require an upgrade to include seats.


Carmichael Park:


– Outstanding clubhouse facility

–  Good quality of pitch

–  Multiple fields

–  Room to grow the facility more if needed



– Location is not central

– No current gym/recovery/sport science facilities

– Not quiet enough seating around the field

– Dressing rooms not up to standard


A.J Kelly Field


– Surface is one of the best in the BPL

– Has enough seating to host games

–  Good sized clubhouse



–  No real scope to expand the facility

–  Difficult place to get to, not a central location

–   No current gym/recovery/sport science facilities


Lions Stadium


– Excellent clubhouse facilities capable of hosting away game functions

–  Good sized stadium for matches

–  Multiple fields of good quality

–  Quiet location

–  Reasonable gym facilities



–   No current recovery/sport science facilities

–   Not a central location

–   Stigma of dislike towards the Lions from Brisbane
football fans


Of all the above options these would be my top 3 preferences



2) Perry Park

3) Lions Stadium


For mine QSAC is the perfect combination of location and facilities given the above argument made for it. Second would be Perry Park due to its central location and the possibilities that exist in such a central location and 3rd perhaps surprisingly is Lions Stadium, the old training base for the Roar. But imo everything is there for it to work out there: The clubhouse is great; there are enough training grounds and enough scope to
upgrade the gym, sports science and recovery facilities up to A-League standard. It is however, a long shot imo due to the fact that it’s been tried
before, and the dislike for the Lions. I also just cannot see the Meakin Park option turning out well either sadly, despite its huge ammount of land.



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