Match Review: Brisbane Roar vs Wellington Phoenix

Well that was a frustrating evening wasnt it? The positives are obviously that both the unbeaten streak (34) and the home game streak (22) both remain in tact. The negatives? well…drawing at home infront of the biggest crowd of the season, not scoring from open play for a 2nd consecuative game and the poor finishing on display in the second half. But more on that in a sec.




Rado earns his corn:

Last week we learned that Ange doesn’t care for set pieces and would prefer to take them all short, so he lets Rado deal with them and the evidence suggests that he can defiantly draw up a set piece goal. Firstly their was the opening goal against Gold Coast, then there was that brilliant under the wall free kick against Melbourne and then we got our third set piece goal of the season, and 3rd in 4 games actually -6 in for if
you count penalties as a set piece. It was well crafted because they took advantage of the fact that Wellington wouldn’t take the risk and jump after last week, so Broich put in a flat ball for Berisha to attack and there’s the goal. Well orchestrated and will keep coaches of the opposition guessing about what to do.


Wellington equalise:

Well they may have parked the metaphorical bus for 93 mins ad 50 seconds (ok, this is a bit of an overreaction, but you get the point), but the 1o seconds in which the did try to play football in was impressive and they scored a quiet impressive goal via Tim Brown, making his 100th appearance. It was a quality cut back from Muscat I believe and was well finished. For Brisbane’s part perhaps Theoklitos didn’t need to rush out towards Muscat and if he didn’t I think he could have saved it, but even so the run from Brown was not tracked and there were 3 Brisbane players in the box in a position to stop it.


Second half frustration:

While the 1st half was somewhat open, the second was anything but. Wellington obviously was happy with a point and played accordingly and Brisbane just couldn’t get the ball into the net, but not for a lack of trying. There are 2 reasons as to why the didn’t imo, the 1st is the poor finishing and the 2nd is that I believe they were trying to walk it into the net at times.


But starting with the poor finishing, lets not get too carried away with it, it happens. Sure Issey’s miss was beyond terrible but he showed he can score from the in the preceding home game, and his miss wasn’t the only one so I don’t agree with the fans who are blaming Issey for everything.  As for the second part for mine at times it was a bit frustrating because they had some good shooting positions but more often that not tried to get it wide to the by-line and cut it back across goals. I do think it’s admirable that they stuck to their way of play, but breaking it up with the odd shot or 2 to keep the defence guessing might also make it easier to play that way.


Brisbane Roar 1 (Besart BERISHA 11’)
Wellington Phoenix 1(Tim BROWN 36’)
Crowd: 16, 428


Brisbane: Theoklitos 6, Franjic 7,  Smith 6, Jurman 7, Stefanutto 6, Paartalu 7, Murdocca 6, Broich 7, Henrique 6, Nakajima-Farran 6, Berisha 8, Danning 6, Brattan 6.


Wellington: Warner 8, Muscat 6, Durante 6, Sigmund 6, Lochhead 6, Ward 7, Brown 7,  Bertos 6, Daniel 6, Smith 6, Greenacre 6, Tsattalios 6.


Postgame quotes from Ange:

“We certainly created enough chances tonight to win this game of football,” he said.

“There were times tonight we played our best football of the year I thought and we created opportunities, we just didn’t take them.

“When we played Adelaide, every one of them went in and tonight they didn’t but credit to them, they played well and their ‘keeper pulled off a couple of good saves.

“Aside from that, we created a couple of very god opportunities but the boys tried hard enough, we stuck to our structures and we were disciplined and we just didn’t get our reward tonight.

“Sometimes you don’t get the reward, you do everything right and you don’t and that’s fine.”


2 Comments on “Match Review: Brisbane Roar vs Wellington Phoenix”

  1. Marcus says:

    Hey mate, good blog.

    We (Wellington) were very lucky, and played rather averagely. We were slow in possession and gave it away too cheaply. One moment of magic, we equalise and park the bus again. I’ll happily take the point but it seems a bit hollow after 2 home losses. You guys play the best footy in the league, and will walk it again this season. One point your team needs is that if you have the lead don’t be so gung ho in attack. Sit back a little, play it around and make the other team come to you. Then you attack with pace. Once you start doing that, the rest of us might as well just scrap it out for 2nd place!

    Btw, Ward played the cut back for Brown


    • Thanks mate

      I stand corrected about Ward, was a good piece of play regardless. No question from the Wellington perspective it is a fantastic point given where you are on the table and although I thought that while you did defend well, you did ride your luck. As for our season im not so sure about that, I can see the tactic you used being deployed quiet a bit in games up here which will make it tough, and later on we’ll have the ACL to deal with.

      Thanks for the comments.

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