Match Scheduele and how it affects the finals run in.


Now that we know the draw and who we’ll play, here is the match scheduele for the ACL


Matchday 1 (March 6/7)-  Brisbane Roar vs Emperor’s Cup winner

Matchday 2 (March 20/21)- Beijing Guo’an vs Brisbane Roar

Matchday 3 (April 3/4)- Ulsan Hyundai vs Brisbane Roar

Matchday 4 (April 17/18)- Brisbane Roar vs Ulsan Hyundai)

Matchday 5 (May 1/2) Emperor’s Cup winner vs Brisbane Roar FC

Matchday 6 (May 15/16)  Brisbane Roar vs Beijing Guo’an)


Everyone happy with that? good, because this is where it gets difficuilt when you add in the A-League fixtures.


Week of matchday one:

Friday March 2- Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne Heart

March 6/7- Brisbane Roar vs Emperor’s Cup winner

Sunday March  11- Brisbane Roar vs Adelaide United


No issue here at all , three home games in a week, perfect opportunity to get the campaign off to a good start, in what should prove our toughest home match.


Week of Matchday two:

Sunday 18 March- Newcastle Jets vs Brisbane Roar

March 20/21- Beijing Guo’an vs Brisbane Roar

Sunday March 25- Gold Coast United vs Brisbane Roar


Ok so 3 away games but not a logistical nightmare since the thrid is only 1 hour away from Brisbane. Really hope that Beijing game is on the Wednesday and not the Tuedsay giving us more time to prepare.


Week of Matchday 3:

Weekened of March 31- Hyundai A- League finals week 1

April 3/4- Ulsan Hyundai vs Brisbane Roar

Weekend of April 7- Hyundai A-League finals week 2


Ok so this one is decidedly more difficult because of the complete unknown of our potential finals schedule. If it stays as it is –and that’s far from certain- it would mean a game in Gosford on the Saturday, midweek in Korea and then home the following Saturday in leg 2 of the finals.


Week of Matchday 4:

Weekend of Arpil 14- Potential Hyundai A-League preliminary final

April 17/18- Brisbane Roar vs Ulsan Hyundai

Weekend of April 21- Potential Hyundai A-League Grand Final


Potentially the toughest week of all to manage, or just another week like 5 and 6. Obviously we all hope that Brisbane Roar don’t have to play any preliminary final and host the Grand Final, but its a logistical nightmare if they do. The only saving grace is that this ACL game is at home against what looks like being the weakest side in the group.


Matchdays 5 and 6 are unaffected and we could see some local games to keep the lads fresh and fit.


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