Off-season speculation: Player retention

Yes, it’s that time of the year, despite the fact the season is still only around halfway over, players can now begin to negotiate with other clubs for next season and beyond. This kind of stuff is always difficult to predict and you have to look at both the player’s talent, his role in the squad and what other options are available. For the sake of this we’ll count the 3 fulltime youth players as just that –youth players- and they will be covered in a post regarding the youth team in the future.


One quick point on the foreign situation which I think is important to note- next season the foreign limit goes from 5 down to 4 which means that it’s not possible to bring these 3 back, and keep Henrique and Broich. Just another reason why I can see one of the 5 foreign players moving on either in January or before the ACL registration deadline.


Matt Smith:

This one is a total no brainer, club captain, heart of the defence and there has been quotes just after he was announced club captain about a new deal. The only surprising thing here is that it hasn’t happened yet, or maybe it has and they haven’t announced it yet. Here’s a few lines from a Courier Mail article dated September 7 regarding a new contract for Matt:


Matt Mundy:

Mundy these days is a backup player and in cases like this its quiet easy to just say ‘oh get rid of him’, but can you find a better utility defender than Mundy? The one big advantage that Matt provides is that ability to play RB, CB and LB and in a squad game of only 20-23 players that’s invaluable. If you can find another option for that spot then it’s not a big deal to let him go, perhaps they could promote a youth defender but im not sure which one that would be.


Andrew Redmayne:

Redmayne has been a fantastic backup keeper in his 1 and a bit seasons and has been a true professional in his role, but one would think he wants to go somewhere and play some regular 1st team games. Keep in mind that he also spent 2 years on the bench at the Mariners, so that’s 4 years total of being a backup. No question that Redmayne wouldn’t be the worst re-signing but for mine Acton is more than capable of stepping into the 1st team after 4 seasons in the Youth League and its really counterproductive at this point to keep him in the youth side any longer.


Besart Berisha:

Besart has been a revelation since he’s arrived which his goal scoring exploits and his general play both in and out of the box and it would make complete sense to be speaking to him right now about a long term commitment. It also would not surprise me if some European or even Asian sides came in with an offer for him with just 6 months remaining on his deal, Brisbane have no reason to consider letting him leave early but it would not surprise me if there’s interest in him given he’s a striker coming into the prime years of his career and he’s in form.


Sayed Mohamed Adnan:

Adnan im sure everyone knows was signed with the Champions League in mind so it could come down to if Brisbane requires an Asian visa player once again. On the whole Adnan has been a solid signing for the team and I think that he’ll become a key cog in the side going forward towards Asia, but if you can find a good Australian defender who wouldn’t cost the moon it might be handy to save the foreign spot for a more attacking player.


Issey Nakajima-Farran:

The word inconsistent is probably the best way to describe Issey in his time here thus far, and there isn’t really any room on the roster going forward for a player who isn’t producing his best every game, even thou his best has been really good. Sadly for him as it stands I can see him being the guy left out of the ACL squad unless there’s an injury between now and then.


So what would I do? Well:











The two players at the top are absolute keepers and you do whatever it takes to keep those two players around because they can be apart of this club for the next 2-3 years and make big contributions. The borderline duo you could convince me either way on them, being pushed on it id say that Mundy should be replaced by a younger, cheaper defender and that Adnan’s foreign spot could be used elsewhere in the squad. The pair in the release column sadly just have no place here: Issey hasn’t been consistent enough to take up a visa spot and with them going from 5 to 4 it’s important not to waste them, eg. Hirofumi Moriyasu at Sydney FC 😉 . On Redmayne its nothing personal, it’s just that similarly to Mundy, Redmayne can be replaced by a younger, cheaper player of similar ability which frees up cap space to spend on other spots.


On the whole im expecting this winter to be very quiet in relation to player signings simply because of the fact that 14 players currently have deals that run through the 2012/13 season. In addition there’s only 1 Australian player on the list who would be classed a s 1st 15 player so visa players aside there’s no real need for recruitment. We are probably looking at a youth player or two being promoted to the 1st team squad, and a couple of new foreign players to spice things up.


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