Off-season speculation: Free Agents

Over the past 2 days we’ve taken a look at the players on the 1st team roster who are off contract and at which youth players could possibly step up, now its time for part 3- the free agents from rival A-League clubs and which could be suited to Brisbane.



Nigel Boogaard- maybe

Ricardo Da Silva- no

Spase Dilevski- no

Mark Birighitti- no

Evgeniy Levchenko- no

Antony Golec- no


Not a particularly inspiring bunch and about the only player on the list I would have any interest in is Nigel Boogaard on the provision that he isn’t overly expensive and would be willing to accept a role that makes him possibly the 3rd string Central Defender.


Central Coast:

Daniel McBreen- Lol no

Joshua Rose- no- but if Stefanutto were to leave id be interested

Pedj Bojic- no

Brad Porter- no

Patrick Zwaanswijk- no

Rostyn Griffiths- no- but if Paartalu were to leave id be interested

Brad McDonald- no

Stuart Musialik- no

Sam Gallagher- no

Matt Simon- no

Trent Sainsbury- no


Despite the fact they are top of the league, and have some pretty good players, I wouldn’t make a move to sign any of them. McBreen, Sainsbury, Porter, McDonald, Musialik and Gallagher all would add nothing to the squad, Zwaanswijk is too old and Simon is a poor player imo. Bojic, Griffiths and Rose are good players but we already have players signed to play in their positions and unless something changes there I wouldn’t be making a move for them.

Gold Coast:

Glen Moss- No

Kristian Rees- No

Michael Thwaite- maybe-

Robson- no

Joel Porter- mo

Tahj Minnieccon- umm….NO

James Brown- maybe

Adama Traore- no

Dylan McGowan-loaned from Hearts- no

Ante Rozic– no

Maceo Rigters- no

Dylan Macalister- no

Paul Beekmans- no

Chris Broadfoot- no

Daniel Severino- no



While in general im against signing players from teams considered rivals –same argument goes for Sydney- you have to look at the quality of the player, and there are 2 good players worth pursing if GCU fold at the end of the season. They would be Michael Thwaite and James Brown. I don’t seem the coming here regardless but they would be handy additions.


Melbourne Heart:

Clint Bolton- no

Michael Marrone- no

Simon Colosimo- no

Rutger Worm- no

Kristian Sarkies- no

Maycon- no

Wayne Srhoj- no

Alex Terra- no

Kamal Ibrahim- no


Now that Heart has signed Babalj and Behich to long term deals there really isn’t a lot to look at here. The foreigners on the list aren’t worth signing, Bolton and Colosimo are on their last legs and Sarkies is a shadow of the player he was with Melbourne and the Olyroos. Marrone was very close to signing with Cagliari and you’d think that he would prefer to head overseas rather than sign here in Aus.


Melbourne Victory:

Petar Franjic- maybe

Grant Brebner- no

Rodrigo Vargas- no

Diogo Ferreira- no

Tom Pondelijak- no

Carlos Hernandez- maybe

Matthew Foschini- no

Adrian Leijer- no

Fabio- no

Ante Covic- no


Only two players interest me at Victory- Franjic and Hernandez, the rest are either old or not good enough. I know that Franjic isn’t related to Ivan, but he’s a good young defender. Hernandez would be a fantastic signing and could change Brisbane’s football for the better. Im not sure he’d be interested in playing for anyone in Aus besides Victory but I would be interested in signing him.


Newcastle Jets:

Ben Kennedy- no

Byun Sung-Hwan- no

Ben Kantarovski- maybe

Kasey Wehrman- no

Tarek Elrich- no

Labinot Haliti- no

Jeremy Brockie- no

Ali Abbas- no

Matthew Nash- no

Mario Simic- no

Ryan Griffiths- maybe

Francis Jeffers- no

Michael Bridges – no


Van Egmond has a lot of work to do with this squad if he wants to take it back to the top, and of all the free agents here there’s only 2 (maybe 3) that are worth signing. Ryan Griffiths would be a very dangerous attacker in Brisbane’s 4-3-3 either wide left or centrally and Kantarovski is a young player I have a lot of time for. If Franjic were to try his luck overseas Elrich would be a possible replacement, but I think you could find better.


Perth Glory:

Josh Mitchell- no

Billy Mehmet- no

Chris Coyne- no

Jacob Burns- no

Viktor Sikora- no

Scott Neville- no- If he didn’t get a serious knee injury I would have considered it

Steven McGarry- no

Tommy Amphlett- no

Todd Howarth- no

Mile Sterjovski- no

Andrezinho- no


6 years of mediocrity would suggest that there is nothing worth looking at and seeing names like Steve McGarry and Jacob Burns is very much uninspiring. Neville is a really good right back, but coming off a serious knee injury he has some red flags attached to him.


Sydney FC:

Pascal Bosschaart- maybe

Karol Kisel – no

Bruno Cazarine- no

Shannon Cole- no

Juho Makela- no

Scott Jamieson- no


Much like GC I am against signing anyone here due to the dislike I have for Sydney, but in an objective sense I think that Bosschaart would be a fantastic signing. I really don’t see him leaving Sydney for another Australian club, but a CB pairing of Bosschaart and Smith would be fantastic. If one of the fullbacks moved on Cole wouldn’t be the worst signing but I think you could find better. 12 months ago I might have considered Jamieson but he’s been poor this year.


Wellington Phoenix:

Mark Paston- no

Manny Muscat- no

Tony Lochhead- no

Nick Ward- maybe

Chris Greenacre- no

Daniel- no

Vince Lia – no

Tony Warner- no

Dani Sanchez – no

Brent Griffiths- no

Cameron Lindsay- no


With Wellington it’s important to remember Kiwis count as foreign to Australian clubs so if you’re going to sign anyone from there who isn’t Australian, you need to make sure it’s the right player –eg. Kosta-, and for mine I don’t see a Kosta type impact player there. The only player of note is Nick Ward who could be a solid contributor in the midfield and in some ways could be described as a poor mans Matt McKay.


So in summary I would look into the possibility of signing the following:



Nigel Boogaard


Central Coast:

Rostyn Griffiths- Only if Paartalu were to leave

Joshua Rose- Only if Stefanutto were to leave


Gold Coast:

James Brown

Michael Thwaite


Melbourne Victory:

Petar Franjic

Carlos Hernandez


Newcastle Jets:

Ryan Griffiths

Ben Kantarovski


Sydney FC:

Pascal Bosschaart

Wellington Phoenix:

Nick Ward


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