Controversial penalty decides M1 derby


Well that was controversial outcome wasn’t it. Gold Coast took the points but there are is no limit of talking points out of this- you can look at the obvious one which is the penalty, the referee’s performance, the amount of cards and the rather insipid attacking performance of the Roar. Perhaps GC deserves their victory because they probably shaded the 2nd half, but in truth this was a poor match between two sides that are not at their best right now.

Starting Lineups:



Hingert for Nakajima-Farran (59’), Visconte for Murdocca (59’), Jurman for Smith (69’)

Gold Coast:

McGowan for Macallister (13’), Harold for McGowan (73’), Severino for Rigters (83’)

Early sub:

The lizard system is back folks! Not often will I talk about individual changes in games, nor is it often that I’ll give credit to Miron for anything, but in this case I think it’s warranted. Swapping a striker for a defender while at 0-0 may seem an odd decision, but it worked a treat for United. Basically it freed up Salley to move into midfield as an enforcer/ball winner type which complemented Halloran and Brown reasonably well. It also allowed Thwaite the confidence to step forward once or twice and help create the play. I’ll also give him credit for the halftime switch at halftime moving Jungschlager central and Halloran wide right, because that had a big impact on the 2nd half. Most of if not all of the chances came from that side, including the ‘penalty’.

Insipid Brisbane attack:

Well last week we saw some signs that the famed Brisbane attacking machine was making a return to their best, but against Gold Coast on Monday I didn’t really see it. There was the usual possession that we’ve come to accept but there is a serious lack of penetration right now from midfield. I might try and write about it between now and Saturday but it may have to wait til next week given this is the holiday season and im a tad busy right now, but I’ll get round to attempting to dissect the reasons for the lack of quality in attack soon.


In short there are three key cogs from the attack missing –Broich, Henrique, Meyer-, Issey isn’t the greatest player for mine and as each week goes my confidence in him becoming the player we were all hoping for are dropping. I’ll give him a couple more games before I right him off totally, but the jury is out. So what is left for Postecoglou to choose from? Well you’re left with the young Kofi Danning, the injury prone Rocky Visconte and a defender in Jack Hingert.


Danning is far too inconsistent right now imo to be a starter in this league, as an impact sub he’s effective but im not buying him as a starter. Visconte has been plagued with hamstring injuries in his 18 months at the Roar and its going to take him time to regain form and fitness, atm the signs are that he’s still a ways away from that. Hingert we all know is a converted Fullback but I like him in the side, maybe not as a winger but for mine at least he’s pushing Stefanutto for that spot on the left hand side.



Penalty decision:

Ok now its time to get into the controversy, starting with that penalty decision. By now im sure everyone has both formed their own opinion of the incident, and have also seen the comments from coaches and players so I wont add them here, all I will say is that it was imo at least just outside the penalty box. There is really no debate that it’s a foul by Visconte, but I firmly believe it was outside the box, but what can you do? You get some, you miss some; don’t forget Brisbane got away with one down in Melbourne last season with ‘Theo-gate’. The penalty was a deadest shocker from Severino as well, and I have to think Theo is a little disappointed he couldn’t keep it out given he got two hands to in, but it rolled across the line so good for him…I guess.


Refereeing performance:

Ok someone mentioned to me on the way home we’ve had this guy a lot this season, so I went and had a look at it and we’ve had Griffiths- Jones only twice, this match and the home game against Melbourne Heart, infact a quick look shows me we’ve had Peter Green -3 times- this season more than anyone else so make of that what you will.


But back to Griffiths-Jones and his performance on the weekend I thought it was quiet poor to be honest. 11 yellow cards, some of which im not sure why they were given –Theoklitos- and then there was the incident that most fans remember, offcourse im talking about him getting in the way and catching the ball. He might of seen the funny side of it, but neither myself, the players or the fans behind the goals saw the funny side of it, especially since imo he was in the way time and again, basically he was sitting in that inside left passage where Brisbane like to play through. Not sure what he could have done about it or if differs significantly from other weeks, but it really frustrated me that time and again potential attacks were broken up because of the fact that instead of an open passing lane from the mid to the left wing, there was a referee in the way.



Ok, long time readers of this will know I never mention the support, but inside the stadium at least I thought it was sensational. It appeared to me as someone who looks at support from the outside looking in that it was well organised and both groups combined well, and I thought that it was exceptionally loud, something that didn’t really show up on the television. So well done to the Den, RCC and any other supporter group involved in that, it was great from the sidelines, as for outside I think there’s no place for that stuff but I didn’t see it so I wont say too much.


Gold Coast 1 (Daniel Severino 88’) Brisbane Roar 0 Monday, 26 December 2011 Venue: Skilled Park Local Kick Off: 6:30pm (7:30pm AEDT)

Referee: Kris Griffiths-Jones

Gold Coast United: 20.Jerrad Tyson [gk], 3.Michael Thwaite (c), 5.Kristian Rees, 6.Paul Beekmans, 12.Dylan Macallister (23.Dylan McGowan 13’ (17.Chris Harold 73’)), 14. Ben Halloran, 15.Adama Traore, 16.Maceo Rigters (21.Daniel Severino 81’), 18.James Brown, 22.Peter Jungschlager, 24.Jonas Salley

Substitues not used: 40.Chris O’Connor [gk].

Yellow cards: 18. James Brown (23’), 24. Jonas Salley (41’), 6. Paul Beekmans (50’), 23. Dylan McGowan (66’), 21. Daniel Severino (88’). 17. Chris Harold (90’+3)

Red cards: Nil

Brisbane Roar squad: 1. Michael Theoklitos (GK), 2. Matt Smith (C) (4. Matt Jurman 69’), 3. Shane Stefanutto, 5. Ivan Franjic, 6. Erik Paaratlu, 7. Besart Berisha, 8. Massimo Murdocca (19. Jack Hingert 59’), 9. Kofi Danning, 11. Issey Nakajima-Farran (14. Rocky Visconte 59’), 16. Mohamed Adnan, 17. Mitch Nichols

Substitues not used: 20. Andrew Redmayne (GK)

Yellow cards: 6. Erik Paartalu (24’). 16. Mohamed Adnan (45’+1), 1. Michael Theoklitos (46’), 19. Jack Hingert (71’), 7. Besart Berisha (88’)

Red cards: Nil

Player ratings:


Theoklitos 6, Franjic 6, Stefanutto 5, Smith 6, Adnan 7, Paartalu 6, Murdocca 6, Nichols 7, Danning 6, Berisha 6, Issey, 5, Jurman 6, Hingert 6, Visconte 5.

Gold Coast:

Tyson 6, Thwaite 7, Rees 6, Salley 6, Traore 6, Jungschlager 6, Beekmans 6, Brown 6, Halloran 8, Rigters 6, Macallister 5, McGowan 6, Harold 5, Severino 6.

Coaches comments:

“We were okay, it was a solid first half and we were trying to force the game the whole time,” Postecoglou said.

“We’re just obviously lacking a bit of cutting edge in the front third and we’re not scoring goals.

“If you don’t score goals you can’t win games.

“Overall it was a decent enough game but we’re struggling in the front third and that’s the area we need to address.”


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