Ange unhappy as Brisbane struggle in the west.


Brisbane may have ended 2011 in style but they began 2012 in the exact opposite fashion in the west as they struggled to a 3-3 draw with Perth. Despite having a 3-2 lead with 15minutes to go Brisbane couldn’t hold out for the win with a late penalty forcing them to be content with a point- a point Ange says they don’t deserve.



Brisbane: Murdocca for Visconte (46’), Hingert for Stefanutto (57’), Nakajima-Farran for Brattan (69’).

Perth: Berger for Howarth (80’), Taggart for Mehmet (83’), Hughes for McGarry (87’).

Slow sluggish start:

It was a decidedly slow start with Perth controlling possession, territory and chances which is a rarity against Brisbane and they made that advantage count with a pair of goals in the opening 20minutes. Once again it was individual mistakes that cost Brisbane their goals- this time Smith and Franjic were the culprits. Smith failed to clear a 50-50 contest on the edge of his box before overrunning Travis Dodd on the 6 yard box, and Franjic lost possession far too cheaply in an isolated area. You could also say for the 1st goal that Jurman and Brattan shouldn’t have allowed Mehmet to cross the ball and could argue that Franjic should have more passing options available to him for the 2nd.

Brisbane wakes up, and goes ahead:

Despite playing in a way that Ange described as ‘crap and cowardly’ Brisbane still found a way back into the game and into halftime at 2-2. They started the fight back with some neat one touch passing between Stefanutto, Jurman and Visconte before Brattan played the ball to Nichols on the edge of the box to finish it off. The equaliser was a rather simple corner set piece and rather than describe it take a look for yourself below- 8 defenders vs. 6 attackers and you have a free header… The 3rd goal was also simple in its execution with Brisbane winning the ball and within two passes from Adnan and Paartalu Nichols was in behind the defence for his 2nd of the game.


Perth penalty and the equaliser:

Despite their average output it seemed as though Brisbane were going to come away with a valuable 3points until Ivan Franjic was adjudged to have committed a foul inside the box and for the 2nd time in two away games the referee gave the penalty. Sterjovski comfortably slotted it past Theoklitos, who this time misjudged it and went the opposite way.


Awful display:

Firstly enjoy this little montage of Ange absolutely losing it at half time last night,i m sure by now you’ve all seen the comments he made regarding last night but what was it about the performance that was so poor? For mine it started with the back 3 which caused a host of problems- both with and without the ball. Without the ball they were being dragged into wide areas and out of position and with the ball the play out from the back was just awful last night, although that is also a problem associated with the midfielders and a lack of movement.


As I mentioned the play of the midfield was pretty awful last night, there were a distinct lack of passing options and the passes that were made were not finding their mark with enough regularity. Paartalu wasn’t at his best last night and was regularly being reminded of the fact by Postecoglou and the two wide midfielders didn’t get forward as often as they did vs. Victory. Nichols and Brattan did their jobs relatively well but Visconte was anonymous last night and was dragged at half time. The three substitutes who all came on into midfield roles also had very little impact upon the game. Berisha upfront was yet again rarely seen and im beginning to be a bit concerned by Besart- that’s his 7th game now without a goal and he’s barely had a chance in those games. Maybe he just really doesn’t want to have to sing 😉

Brattan’s breakout:

Despite the awful team performance last night, one positive was the play of Luke Brattan who has gotten his chance this past week, and in a sign of his ability he’s stepped up and taken it. His set pieces last night were very good and created opportunities for Paartalu and co. to attack them. In addition to that his passing game was impressive as well with Brattan getting one assist and creating many other opportunities with his passing- eg his passes lead to the corner for the 2nd goal and also a chance for Berisha between the two Brisbane goals in the 1st half. Defiantly want to see more of him, but im not convinced as yet that he’s 1st XI or XV quality when Broich and co. are fit.

Player ratings:

Brisbane: Theoklitos 6, Adnan 5, Smith 6, Jurman 5, Franjic 6, Stefanutto 5, Paartalu 6, Brattan 7,  Nichols 8, Visconte 5, Berisha 5, Hingert 6, Murdocca 6, Nakajima- Farran 6.

Unused sub: Redmayne

Yellow Cards: Theoklitos, Nichols

Perth: Vukovic 6, Mitchell 6, Pantelidis 6, Risdon 6, Howarth 6, Dodd 7, Miller 6, Burns 6, McGarry 6, Sterjovski 8, Mehmet 6, Berger 6, Hughes 6, Taggart 6.

Unused sub: Italiano

Yellow Cards: Mitchell


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