Match Preview: Adelaide United vs Brisbane Roar

Match day squads:

Adelaide United squad: 1.Eugene Galekovic (gk) (c), 2.Osama Malik, 3.Nigel Boogaard, 5.Daniel Mullen, 7.Zenon Caravella, 9.Sergio van Dijk, 10.Dario Vidosic, 11.Bruce Djite, 12.Antony Golec, 14.Cameron Watson, 15.Jacob Melling, 17.Iain Ramsay, 18.Fabian Barbiero, 20.Mark Birighitti (gk), 21.Francisco Usucar

In: Nil
Out: Nil
Unavailable: Spase Dilevski (groin – 1 week), Milan Susak (knee – 1 week), Cassio (ankle), Evgeniy Levchenko (groin)

Brisbane Roar squad: 1. Michael Theoklitos (gk), 2. Matt Smith (c), 3. Shane Stefanutto, 4. Matthew Jurman, 5. Ivan Franjic, 6. Erik Paartalu, 7. Besart Berisha, 8. Massimo Murdocca, 9. Kofi Danning, 11. Issey Nakajima- Farran, 14. Rocky Visconte, 16. Sayed Mohammad Adnan, 17. Mitch Nichols, 18. Luke Brattan, 19. Jack Hingert, 20. Andrew Redmayne.

In: Kofi Danning (promoted)

Out: Nil

Unavailable: Thomas Broich (heel- 1 week), Henrique (kenn- 1 week), James Meyer (abductor- 1 week)


Expected starting lineups:


Brisbane: Redmayne, Hingert, Brattan, Danning

Omitted: Visconte

Adelaide: Birighitti, Malik, Melling, Ramsay.

Omitted: none



Well Postecoglou is promising changes for this game given the ‘cowardly’ effort shown in Perth, but what his definition of change is who knows. The official website is running with this quote:


“We’ve got some guys who have played every game so far and others who haven’t so we’ll probably make two or three changes.”


By my calculations Theoklitos, Franjic, Stefanutto, Paartalu and Berisha are the only players to have started every game, with Issey and Murdocca having featured in all game either as starters or subs. I don’t see him resting any of those players who’ve started every game, even if some of there recent performances warrant a demotion to the bench, there just isn’t enough players available to do that. He also only has 16 fit players -15 from Perth + Danning- at his disposal unless the youth side is already in Adelaide. In that case you can add Matt Mundy and Nick Fitzgerald to the list of possibilities. I don’t see that happening even if they are already there. So what will Ange do? Well for mine he’ll stick with the 3-4-3 formation –which imo is more of a 3-6-1- Which means no changes in goals or at the back –Mundy isn’t good enough in that role imo- and also no change in the wing backs despite the fact that Hingert has done well there off the bench.


In midfield I can see him bringing im Murdocca to provide some more energy in there, possibly in place of Brattan even thou he’s been impressive of late. In the more attacking midfield positions it’s a no brainer to leave Nichols as is- he’s scored 3 goals in 2 games in his new role. On the left side I have a feeling we might see Issey in that position given Visconte’s poor showing against Perth, I also wouldn’t rule out seeing Murdocca in this spot with Brattan deeper –same as 2nd have vs. Perth- and even Danning for this role.  Upfront I just don’t see Ange changing anything, Besart is the only fit striking option unless you want to play Danning as a lone striker which imo he can’t do. He’s just not physically big enough to play off 2 central defenders, especially ones who have a bit of pace in Boogaard and Mullen. The only way this changes is if 1) Meyer gets fit for selection or, 2) somebody else comes into the squad to provide competition.


That however is just what I expect Ange to do tomorrow night, if it were up to me I would make more changes than that. For starters I would revert back to the 4-3-3 formation since imo it’s a better system and its one we play better in. Then in personnel I would have Theo in goals and a back four of Franjic, Smith, Adnan and Stefanutto. I don’t have much faith in Adnan, but right now I have even less in Jurman. In midfield I would have Paartalu in his usual anchor role with Brattan and Murdocca in front of him. I haven’t forgotten Nichols, he would play in the wide right role nominally, but I would have him cutting inside at every opportunity to open up the flank for Ivan to bomb on. On the left I would play Issey even thou he’s not that great imo he offers more than Visconte and Danning isn’t really a left sided player. Upfront id have Berisha obviously. On the subs bench is offcourse Redmayne, Hingert the young defender along with attacking options Visconte and Danning.



Well in comparison Adelaide is extremely easy- no changes to either the starting side or the bench. For starters nobody is available for selection anyway and they just won 3-1 on the road and are on a 3 game unbeaten run. Its also worth pointing out that Kossie isn’t someone who makes changes for the sake of change so I think we will see the same team.


Season form:




Season record vs. Perth Glory:

Round 4: Brisbane Roar (Henrique 21’- pen/ 36’-pen, Berisha 23’ 26 29 /69’, Nakajima-Farran 81’) 7-1 Adelaide United FC (Vidosic 5’)


Top scorers:

Brisbane: Besart Berisha (9)

Adelaide: Dario Vidosic (4)



Brisbane: Thomas Broich (5)

Adelaide: Dario Vidosic (4)


All-time record against Adelaide United:

Played 20- Won 6, Drawn 6, Lost 8


At Hindmarsh Stadium:

Played 10; Adelaide United 4, Brisbane Roar 4, Draws 2


Keys to the game:

Im going to try keep this section short, starting with the home team For Adelaide the most important thing is to keep the momentum they have gained under Kossie going. They are playing with a new found belief and spirit and the change to a 4-4-2 formation suits there player’s far better imo. Barbiero and Djite are the big beneficiaries of this and both have put in a string of impressive displays. They also have to get off to a fast start imo in order to try and gain some confidence against the Roar after the 7-1 drubbing last time.


For Brisbane it’s a case of forget all about Wednesday, move on and play our football. Ange was clearly displeased with the Perth game and I wouldn’t want to be in that dressing room if another performance like that is dished out. I expect that Brisbane will of course play in their usual shape and style but they must do more work off the ball creating passing options for teammates. Imo it’s the midfielders –whichever ones Ange selects- that have the biggest improvement to make here because if they are as flat as they were against Perth than Adelaide could really make them pay.


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