Brisbane denied road win by late penalty

Adelaide United 1 (van Dijk 79’ (pen))

Brisbane 1 (Nakajima-Farran 60’)

 Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide

Referee: Ben Williams

Crowd: 11,274

Adelaide United: 1. Eugene Galekovic (c, GK), 3. Nigel Boogaard, 5. Daniel Mullen, 7. Zenon Caravella, 9. Sergio van Dijk, 10. Dario Vidosic (17. Iain Ramsay 59’), 11. Bruce Djite, 12. Antony Golec, 14. Cameron Watson, 18. Fabian Barbiero (15. Jacob Melling 76’), 21. Francisco Usucar (2. Osama Malik 68’).

Substitutes note used: 20. Mark Birighitti (GK)

Yellow cards: 18. Fabian Barbiero (44’). 9. Sergio van Dijk (55’)

Red cards: Nil

Brisbane Roar: 1. Michael Theoklitos (GK), 2. Matt Smith (c), 3. Shane Stefanutto, 5. Ivan Franjic, 6. Erik Paartalu, 7. Besart Berisha, 8. Massimo Murdocca, 11. Issey Nakajima-Farran (9. Kofi Danning 79’), 14. Rocco Visconte, 16. Mohamed Adnan, 17. Mitch Nichols (18. Luke Brattan 33’).

Substitutes not used: 4. Matthew Jurman, 20. Andrew Redmayne (GK).

Yellow cards: 11. Issey Nakajima-Faran (44’), 2. Matt Smith (76’)

Red cards: Nil

Well then, another penalty that lets say was less than certain has cost Brisbane points on the road, with a late ‘foul’ by Matt Smith costing the side all 3 points. Im not sure what else he was meant to do but more on that in a moment. Before that it was a very solid, impressive road performance with the maligned Issey Nakajima-Farran scoring the opening goal following some good work from Rocky Visconte. Brisbane had by far the better of the possession, territory and chances and on another day it could have been a similar score line to the round 4 clash. Brisbane now haven’t won on the road since the trip to Newcastle in late November.

Starting Lineups:


Brisbane: Brattan for Nichols (33’), Danning for Nakajima- Farran (79’)

Unused subs: Redmayne, Jurman

Adelaide: Ramsay for Vidosic (59’), Malik for Usucar (68’), Melling for Barbiero (76’)

Unused subs: Birighitti

Brisbane dominance:

Despite the 1-1 score line, Brisbane totally dominated the contest with 66% possession, 62 % territory and 15 shots to 4. There are probably a few reasons for this but the main one imo was the change back to the 4-3-3 formation because by doing that they reverted back to the system they know best, and have produced their best football in. Brisbane also battered the Reds in completed passes with 739 total passes compared with Adelaide’s 227.

There were times, especially in the 1st half it looked like Brisbane were back to playing some of their best football, with some gorgeous short passing football culminating with chances created. Unfortunately due to a combination of poor finishing and an inform keeper they all went to waste. The changes in midfield defiantly had something to do with that for mine, with the energy of Murdocca making a big impact.

The change in formation meant a re-configuration of the midfield with Paartalu now the sole holding midfielder with the energetic Murdocca and the attack minded Nichols ahead of him which created the attacking passing options and movement which was lacking in the west on Wednesday. Ahead of them the change also created room in the line-up for Issey to come back in, and despite his sub par recent showings, he was very impressive tonight. He was far more influential than he has been in the past with his passing, movement off the ball and he created more opportunities for both himself and the rest of the team than usual. If only he could produce that regularly he would be a guaranteed 1st XI player.

The penalty:

Well yet again, for the 3rd successive time on the road Brisbane has conceded a late penalty which has seen them drop points, and especially in this case I think they have every right to feel aggrieved. When you look at the situation in isolation its reasonably clear that Djite made some contact with Smith, which may or may not have been a foul, but it was enough to knock Smith off balance as he lost his footing and went tumbling into the penalty area. Rushing thru after the ball Van Djik runs into Smith and he in turn ends up tripping over Smith, and the penalty is given, As Smith said in his post game interview with Mel ‘I thought it was harsh.’ I concur.

It’s also worth pointing out that Williams –who had a shocker- turned down what I believe, were two certain spot kicks during the match, one for each team. In the 1st half he turned down Brisbane’s cries for a penalty when Zenon Caravella made clumsy contact with the heel of Rocky Visconte. Then in the 2nd half it was the Reds turn to be denied as Besart Berisha was extremely clumsy when he raised his hand to try and clear a corner. Im not 100% certain he made contact with it, but for the sheer stupidity of trying to play the ball with his hand he could have conceded the penalty.

Issey’s goal:

While it was simple in it’s execution it was also brilliant because of the quick nature of the attack, Smith’s pass forward to Visconte was fantastic because it bypassed 4 or 5 Adelaide defenders and it also had the added bonus of playing Visconte in behind the defence. From their the work of Visconte was excellent because instead of playing the ball off the defender for a corner as most would do, he stopped and cut back away from the defender before playing a delightful pass to Issey, who finally found a finish that Brisbane’s lead-up play deserved.

The wide play tonight was very good in general and a fair amount of that was due to the fact that they had 4 players in those wider areas, and players who are natural in those roles. Despite the fact he didn’t score, I think this may have been Issey’s best game for Brisbane because he was a real threat down that left hand side and with Franjic bombing on it was a good combination. Most of our best chances came from that side as well, eg. Murdocca’s early chance.

Player ratings:

Brisbane: Theoklitos 6, Franjic 7, Smith 6, Adnan 6, Stefanutto 7, Paartalu 6, Murdocca 7, Nichols 6, Issey 8, Visconte 7, Berisha 6, Brattan 6, Danning 6.

Adelaide: Galekovic 8, Watson 6, Mullen 6, Boogaard 6, Golec 6, Caravella 6, Usucar 6, Barbiero 7, Vidosic 6, Djite 7, Van Djik 7, Malik 6, Melling 6, Ramsay 6.

Statistics: (Courtesy of Fox Sports Football Match Centre)

                                             Adl                                     Bri

                                              34%        Possession        66%

                                              38%        Territory         62%



                                                  4              Shots               15

                                                  3       Shots on target       8

                                                  1       Shots off target      7

                                                  1            Corners             4

                                                  5            Offside’s            2

                                             227     Completed passes   739

                                                13       Total crosses         24



                                                   7            Saves                2

                                                 20         Clearances         5

                                                 28          Tackles            20


                                                  15           Fouls                8

                                                  2       Yellow Cards       2

                                                  0          Red Cards         0


Player stats:



1: Djite, Van Djik, Barbiero, Watson


4: Berisha, Nakajima- Farran

2: Murdocca, Adnan

1: Franjic



1: Visconte


Adelaide: Caravella 4, Golec 3, Malik, Djite, Barbiero 2.

Brisbane: Adnan, Brattan, Issey 2, Murdocca, Smith 1.


Adelaide: Van Djik, Barbiero

Brisbane: Smith, Issey


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