Potential transfer target- Jean Carlos Solórzano.



–          Knows majority of the players, the coach and the system

–          Proven ability in this league

–          Lethal striker


Obviously the fact that he’s worked under Ange in the past at Brisbane Roar in this system and with the majority of the players and was successful in his role is the primary reason why JCS is a potential target. In addition to that he scored a hatful of goals in this league – 30 games, 11 goals- and was widely regarded as one of the top strikers in the league.



–          Injury prone

–          Contracted to a rival club (on loan)

–          Lack of football recently

–          New manager may equal new chance for him to impress

–          Foreigner issue (no spot for him)


The main reason as to why this is even a possibility is because of the fact that JCS can’t get a game for Victory right now, having only made 5 appearances this season. New Victory manager Jim Magilton may want to take a look at Solórzano as well know which means he may not be available for a move in January. Also thinking back to last year he wasn’t the healthiest of players given he missed the opening 10 or so games with rumoured osteitis pubis and he also had an injury. Any potential move would also be dependant upon Victory terminating his loan and his parent club being willing to loan him back to Brisbane.


The biggest problem with this move however is that Brisbane currently has 5 foreign players contracted and in order to bring JCS back, one would need to depart. The only one that would make sense would be Issey given the form of the others this season but he’s coming off a good showing on the weekend making that unlikely. In that scenario you’d need to either find a buyer for Issey, or he’d need to agree to a contract termination. Now there’s no reason as to why he’d agree to the later, so in order to move Issey you would need to find a buyer.


In the end for mine there’s just too many things working against this for it too happen, and I don’t see them all being cleared up within the next 3 weeks before the transfer window closes. Obviously having JCS back in the fold would be a big upgrade to the roster but I think that Ange will ultimately have to look in a different direction for a backup striker.


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