Potential transfer target: Brendan Santalab


Age: 29

Position: Striker

Nationality: Australian


Last month Australian Four Four Two ran a story on Chinese based striker Brendan Santalab on the way out of his club Chegdu Blades over a pay dispute, so could he be an option for the Asian Champions League and the finals run in? Before going into that here’s a few quotes from the 442 story mentioned about his situation.


“I am really upset that because of the management of the club and their unprofessional attitude to players, all players and not just myself, I will not be back in 2012,”

“There is no way I can go back there when they owe me so much money.”

“Apart from the money, the poor medical assistance they provide to players has cost me many games that I should have fully recovered from with injuries.”



–          Available right now

–          Likes to shoot

–          Use to substitutes role

–          Point to prove


The one positive thing about Santalab is that he could be available almost immediately given his situation with Chengdu. Im not sure if he’s off contract or not but the above quotes suggest he’s done there. Some will remember Brendan from his time with Sydney FC in seasons 3 and 4 –he signed for North Queensland Fury but left before round one-, but if you don’t the one thing to note about him is that he’s not frightened to shoot, from anywhere and he scored some spectacular goals.


Despite the fact that he did score some great goals, his time in this league was largely a disappointment for him and im sure that he’d like to prove himself as a capable player. He was however, a substitute player more often than not which is a bonus given that’s the role he would be playing for Brisbane.



–          Inconsistent

–          Never stood out in this league

–          Hasn’t played since end of Chinese season


Brendan’s two year stint in the A-League can be summed up in one simple word, inconsistent. He had his flashes of brilliance in front of goal, but they weren’t frequent enough for him to be a starting calibre player. Hopefully 2 years in the Chinese Super League has improved his all round game because he may have find it tough at first fitting into the up tempo, pass and move system of Brisbane. The other issue with Brendan is that he hasn’t played since the end of the Chinese league in early December so he would need to do a mini preseason and possibly play a game or two in the youth league before being 100% ready and able to contribute.


Santalab defiantly does have his shortcomings, but he could be a handy backup striker, and with the run into the finals and the ACL looming, it could be helpful to have a 2ndout and out striker available for selection. In the end though I think you could find a better alternative than Santalab.


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