Goalkeeping situation:


Im sure everyone is aware by now that Brisbane backup goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne is leaving the club in search of 1st team football. His destination- Melbourne Heart, on a two year contract. It’s hard to begrudge the guy this move in all truth, he moved here from the Mariners in search of 1st team football, but that idea was scuttled when Brisbane swooped in to sign Michael Theoklitos when his unhappy stint at Norwich ended.


It’s not really that difficult to pick his greatest moment in Brisbane colours, because he made only 1 appearance (thus far anyway) in the Orange, that faithful night at Suncorp when we beat GCU 4-0. Miron called it ‘insulting and rubbing it in’, but I disagree. He got a rousing reception from the entire crowd and proceeded to keep a clean sheet in his 10 minute cameo. Other than that his appearances have all be in either Youth team matches, or preseason hit outs. In youth team football he shared time with Brisbane’s youth keeper Matt Acton, where he made some quality and important saves for the NYL team. It’s fitting and just as well that before he decided to leave, he at least got the chance to play a game at Suncorp in the NYL where he made some good saves and a clean sheet.


Now the question is, how should we replace Redmayne –or Bourbon as some fans called him-? Well, there are two ways up which to replace the Melbourne bound keeper either promote a keeper from the NYL, or look outside of the club for an external, more experienced option.



If they are to promote a keeper from the NYL, it would surely have to be Matt Acton, Eccles just doesn’t have the experience to even come close to being in the competition for the job. Acton, now 20 has been Brisbane Roar’s NYL keeper from the very beginning basically and over the course of his 4 years in the youth team has developed into a solid keeper, culminating in some young Socceroo call-ups, and the occasional bench spot in the A-League. It’s unlikely he would stick around in the NYL again next season despite being eligible -I think-, so its 1st team or bust, at least it should be, and imo he will be backing up Theoklitos next season.


Looking at the external options coming off contract around the league, I just don’t see which of them make any sense for Brisbane Roar next season and beyond. Keep in mind that unless something happens to Theo, he will be the #1 next season, and the other keeper will more or less be backing him up. Taking a quick look at the names available, there isn’t a lot out there:


Glen Moss

Clint Bolton

Ante Covic

Matt Nash

Mark Paston

Tony Warner


Finally- how should Redmayne’s decision to leave the club affect what they are doing moving forward?


In terms of the Asian Champions League its completely irrelevant, 3 keepers will be selected for the competition, those will be Theoklitos, Redmayne and Acton. They are the best 3 keepers at the club and should be selected. Redmayne isn’t due to move until after the round of 16 so that’s a non issue.


For the backup keepers role on the bench im a believer in picking your best players where possible, and to that end imo its right to keep picking Redmayne in that role to back up Theoklitos. Let Acton hang around and be apart of the experience –especially in Asia-, but come decision time Redmayne should be the man on the bench covering Theoklitos, and if something were to happen to Theo, Redmayne should be the man stepping in.


In relation to the NYL, it is my belief that Brisbane should play Acton every single week in this competition, in order for him to gain the necessary experience to help make his transition to the 1st team smoother. It’s nothing against Redmayne, imo it’s just smarter for the club to develop the guy sticking with the club long term, than the guy who will be opposing you in the future (NYL is all about development, not results after all). There isn’t really a big difference in talent between the two in truth either, the biggest difference would be the experience Redmayne has gained via national team selection including a u/20 WC in 2009.


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