ACL Match Schedule and the run into the finals.


Just after the draw was released I wrote a blog regarding this topic, but the specific dates of the ACL games were unknown at the time. Since then the AFC have gone and announced the specific dates of matches, so I’ve decided to revisit the idea. Tomorrow I’ll also have a blog regarding the AFC regulations, and how right now the Brisbane ACL squad might look.


Friday March 2: Brisbane Roar vs. Melbourne Heart

Tuesday March 06: Brisbane Roar vs. FC Tokyo

Sunday March 11: Brisbane Roar vs. Adelaide United


This is just about ideal really, 3 days between the 1st and 2nd game, and 4 days between the 2nd and 3rd game, and they’re all home games, nice easy way into the Asian campaign, and no different to having 3 A-League games in the week


Saturday March 17: Newcastle Jets vs. Brisbane Roar

Tuesday March 20: Beijing vs. Brisbane Roar

Sunday March 25: Gold Coast United vs. Brisbane Roar


This was looking near impossible to do given AFC’s regulations regarding travel to matches (more on AFC regulations tomorrow), but since the Jets game was brought forward 24 hours it’s now feasible to travel to the match. The Jets don’t like it because of their ‘big weekend festival of sport’, but that’s the breaks, deal with it. Having only 48 hours turnaround will make the Beijing match tough, but the GC game should be no problem with 5 days between the games.


Weekend of March 31: Hyundai A-League Finals week 1

Wednesday April 04: Ulsan vs. Brisbane

Weekend of April 7: Hyundai A-League Finals week 2


There is still a fair amount of unknown from here on out, but as it stands Brisbane would host the Mariners on the Saturday night, then have 3 days for before the Ulsan game which is fine. Then another 3 days between the Ulsan match and the 2nd leg of the semi-final which would be in Gosford. Given all the travel between the two legs, it would be advantageous for the Roar to put the tie to bed in the 1st leg with a 2 or 3 goal victory.


Weekend of April 14: Hyundai A-League Finals week 3

Tuesday April 17 2012: Brisbane vs. Ulsan

Weekend of April 21: Hyundai A-League Finals week 4


This is more or less the same as match day 1. In the best case scenario Finals week 3 is irrelevant for Brisbane, with a home game midweek before a home game on the weekend. In what seems right now to be the worst case scenario, they’ll be hosting a home preliminary final on the Saturday night, then home to Ulsan midweek before going down to Sydney to face off with the Mariners, who would be coming back from a game in Korea. The extreme worst case scenario is that Brisbane aren’t in this phase of the finals, meaning sole focus on the Ulsan match.


Wednesday May 02 2012: FC Tokyo vs. Brisbane

Wednesday May 16 2012: Brisbane vs. Beijing


These two are quiet easy to prepare for in the sense that they could fly to Japan on the 22nd of April should they choose to –assuming they make the Grand Final- so there’s no dramas there. They may also choose to schedule a match with a local side on Wed May 9 to keep the players fitness ticking over.


2 Comments on “ACL Match Schedule and the run into the finals.”

  1. Josh from Brisbane says:

    Everything I’ve read says that our first game against FC Tokyo is in the Japanese city, not at home? Is that new, or have I been reading wrong? I hope this is the correct schedule, I’d love for the opening ACL game to be at home

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