AFC regulations


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve heard a bit about AFC regulations for the Champions League and what has to be done, so I thought Id investigate a little and see what the deal is. All of this information is available under the resources section of the AFC website, infact there’s a multitude of long winded PDF files you can download and read if your desperate, some of them relevant, others not.


Playing squad:

–          -Minimum squad size of 18, maximum of 30

–          3 foreigners from nations outside of the AFC

–          1 foreigner from inside the AFC, who is considered a local player.

–          Clubs must register 3 goalkeepers

–          Up to 1 week before the 1st match of the competition, up to 3 changes to the squad can be made, if a player in the 30 man squad gets injured

–          Up to a week prior to the 1st match, up to 5 players can be added to the squad, provided that doesn’t exceed the maximum of 30 players.

Official party:

–          Each club can select 18 players + 11 staff members to make up their official delegation for away matches, who will have their accommodation and the like taken care of by the hosting team.

–          15 officials can be selected to gain access to team hotel, training ground, ect ect.

–          However only 11 of those 15 will be able to sit on the bench. 3 of those must be the team manager, head coach and the team media officer.

–          The other 8 can be anything you want including but not limited to: Assistant Coaches, Goalkeeping Coach, Doctor, Physio, Interpreter, Sports Trainer or Equipment Manager.


Travelling regulations:

–          Teams must arrive 2 days prior to an away match and stay in a hotel arranged for them by the Host club.

–          Travel subsidy of 30,000 per away trip, payable only after match days 2, 4 and 6 if the club meets the requirements.

–          Host club is required to provide hotels, training facilities, transportation and meals for the travelling club, and AFC officials.

–          Both teams are permitted one training session on the field the day prior to the match of 1 hour, and the media is entitled to attend the 1st 15 minutes of that session.


Prize Money:

(All figures in USD)

–          Group stage victories: 40,000

–          Group stage draw: 20,000

–          Round of 16: 50,000

–          Quarter final: 80,000

–          Semi final: 120,000

–          Runner up: 750,000

–          Champion: 1,500,000 (+ the right to compete in the 2012 Fifa Club World Cup)


–          The following items have to be approved: 1st kit, reserve kit, GK kit, training kits, GK gloves, GK cap, captain’s armband, team polo shirts and substitute bibs.

–          Reserve kit must be different to the 1st kit (obviously)

–          Kits must have no more than 4 different colours on them

–          Thermal shorts (skins) must be the same colour as team shorts

–          GK colours must radically different to both teams outfield kits

–          GK’s must wear the same colour jersey throughout the competition, backup keepers included

–          Player’s numbers must be displayed on the front and back of each shirt, and on the front of the shorts.

–          AFC will provide 2 armbands of differing colours to be used during the competition

Finally, I found this Urawa Reds kit that shows how the AFC regulations regarding kits work, where sponsors, logo’s ect need to be.



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