Brisbane re-discovers their mojo and dismantle the league leaders.


Central Coast Mariners: 0

Brisbane Roar: 2 (Paartalu 5′, Berisha 38′)

Venue: Bluetongue Stadium

Referee: Kris Griffiths-Jones


Well how about that then: A clean sheet, scoring the 1st goal and a win. It was quite the day out yesterday for the Roar in Gosford, but it wasn’t the result that was so satisfying, the performance too was sensational. Brisbane dominated the game in both halves- in different ways- but they played their football and showed once again how good they are.


Starting Line-ups:




Brisbane: Meyer for Henrique (62’), Lambadaridis for Fitzgerald (82’)

Unused Subs: Mundy, Redmayne (gk)

Omitted: Danning, Brattan, Nakajima- Farran

Yellow Cards: Nil

Red Cards: Nil


Central Coast: Kwasnik for Hearfield (46’), Rogic for Pellegrino (66’), Sainsbury for Griffiths (83’)

Unused Subs: Crane (gk)

Omitted: Porter, McDonald, Gallagher, Musialik

Yellow Cards: Pellegrino (13’), McBreen (34’), Zwaanswijk (44’), Bojic (75’), Sainsbury (88’)

Red Cards: Nil

Brisbane got off to an absolute flyer with a 5th minute goal from Paartalu, a goal which was absolutely brilliant in its creation, and clinically finished. Taking a look at the goal again, a number of things stand out.



The 1st point to make is that when Stefanutto plays the ball to Broich, Berisha –and possibly Henrique are in offside positions, and Nick Fitzgerald is already on the move beyond Bojic. The net effect of that was that Fitzgerald had the vital half yard on Bojic when Broich played the ball to him, and he also had two crossing options available to him. Unfortunately his cross wasn’t the best, although Wilkinson did get drawn out from the centre to deflect it.


The other point to make is about Paartalu’s run from deep and the Mariners midfield being completely out of position. Looking at the 1st graphic you can see Paartalu is sitting deep inside the centre circle. My issue here however is that both Paartalu and Broich were allowed to make completely untracked runs into the box. Even thou they had 6 v 6 in the box, having two players with so much space is a bad error. Its also worth pointing out that the Mariners RCB –Wilkinson- had been drawn out of the space due to Bojic being beaten, and he may have been able to close Paartalu down or even block the shot.


The second goal was the quintessential Brisbane Roar move, back to front in 4 passes and just 10 seconds with little to no risk and absolutely destroying the Mariners press. In the Postecoglou era, there hasn’t been too many goals scored of this quality, and it was nice to see Berisha’s warm embrace with Ange after the goal.



The Mariners did a good job in the press right from the free kick pushing the two CF’s wide to mark the CB’s and using McBreen to prevent Paartalu from playing out, but they didn’t count on Murdocca being an option. McGlinchey tried to close him down but he didn’t react quickly enough.


From there it was a simple pass to Broich out wide left, but it achieved a pivotal thing, it put Broich in an area where the entire midfield quartet was behind him, leaving only the back 4 between him and the goal. Murdocca was really the star of this move though with that delightful 1st time pass in the opposite direction to which he was looking and moving. From there I thought that Henrique was in a better position than Berisha, but I’ll never complain about a striker having a shot from just outside the box when he has space.


The second half the Mariners pressed higher up and really went for it and I thought that the change of Kwasnik for Hearfield was a good move and he had a decent half I thought just didn’t get the service. Despite the fact that the Mariners dominated the possession and territory in the 2nd half they never really did anything with it. Brisbane still had by far the best chances of the half through Fitzgerald and Berisha late on and could have won the game by 3 or 4 quite easily.


Evidently Mr. Arnold doesn’t agree with that because in his media conference post game he suggested that the referee wasn’t exactly fair. I don’t have his exact quote but it was something along the lines of ‘There were two sets of referee’s out there’. I’ve watched the match twice now and im yet to see any glaringly obvious mistakes the ref made –feel free to comment if im mistaken, but I didn’t see any. One final point- I refuse to buy the whole ‘oh the Mariners were missing their Olyroo boys’ for two reasons: 1) Roar were missing 3 players as well and 2) Not many people mentioned that Brisbane were missing Meyer, Henrique and Broich when they beat us in round 11.


Player ratings:


Brisbane: Theoklitos 7, Franjic 7, Smith 7, Adnan 8, Stefanutto 7, Paartalu 7, Murdocca 8, Broich 8, Henrique 6, Berisha 7, Fitzgerald 8, Lambadaridis 6, Meyer 6.


Central Coast: Pasfield 5, Bojic 6, Wilkinson 6, Zwaanswijk 6, Rose 6, Griffiths 6, Pellegrino 5, McGlinchey 7, McBreen 6, Hearfield 6, Ibini-Isei 6, Sainsbury 6, Rogic 6, Kwasnik 6.




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