How the squad shapes up moving forward:


Im sure by now everyone reading this is well aware that Brisbane has agreed to terms with Besart Berisha to extend his contract through the 2013/2014 A-League season, which is fantastic news. Berisha is 1 goal away from being the top scoring Roar player in a season, so to tie down a striker with a super impressive game to goals ratio is a big boost to the club going forward. The question now is, where too from here with player retention and recruitment? A quick look at the list of contacted players shows that the vast majority of the players are contracted for next season and beyond. The below information is taken from the SFCU forum A-League contracts thread which has up to date information on player contacts.


Contract expires end of season 2012/13:

#1) Michael Theoklitos

#3) Shane Stefanutto

#4) Matt Jurman

#5) Ivan Franjic

#6) Eric Paartalu

#9) Kofi Danning

#13) Henrique De Andrade Silva

#14) Rocky Visconte

#17) Mitch Nichols

#18) Luke Brattan

#19) Jack Hingert

#21) James Meyer

#22) Thomas Broich


Contract expires end of season 2013/14:

#2) Matt Smith

#7) Besart Berisha

#8) Massimo Murdocca

#28) Anthony Proia


That leaves the following players with expiring contracts at the end of this campaign:


#11) Issey- Nakajima- Farran

#12) Matt Mundy

#16) Sayed Mohamed Adnan

#20) Andrew Redmayne (signed with Melbourne Heart)


The last time I did a post along these lines I suggested that Issey should probably go and that Mundy and Adnan were on the bubble, that was in early January. Since then Adnan has gone on to cement his place at the heart of the defence and for mine should be the next priority to re-sign. Mundy I think is probably destined to be released back to the state leagues, purely because he’s not a ‘young’ player anymore and has failed to break into the squad on a regular basis. In addition to that he hasn’t really stood out amongst the youth squad when he has featured in that competition, and imo there’s a couple of defenders in that squad who could make the step up.


There are two points to keep in mind when discussing this kind of thing, and they are potential changes to the way A-League squads are constructed. Keep in mind that neither of these are 100% official to my knowledge, but they have garnered a large amount of newspaper column inches and are likely to be introduced next season.


1)      The foreigner limit is reportedly being reduced from 5 to 4, which makes it impossible to retain Issey, Adnan and the 3 contracted foreign boys next season, unless Henrique is eligible to undertake Australian citizenship, but that’s unlikely to happen anyway since Issey is all but gone. It may however give Adnan a few sleepless nights if Brisbane decides to head in a different direction with their final foreign spot.


2)       There are numerous A-League owners who want to abolish the current rule which limits squads to a maximum of 23 players. The next effect of this would basically be that clubs would be able to sign as many players as they wish, and could afford. The salary cap would remain in place, but would possibly be increased to accommodate more players.


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