Berisha makes it 15 as Brisbane wins 3 straight.



During the week Besart re-signed with the club til the end of the 2013/2014 season, and he celebrated in style by scoring a brace and helping Brisbane win by the odd goal in 5. The game had everything really- A big crowd, 2 goals for Harry, some excellent play and most importantly, a Brisbane win which keeps the gap between 1st and 2nd at 5pts.


Brisbane Roar 3 (Besart BERISHA 1’ 32’, HENRIQUE (pen) 38’)
Melbourne Victory 2
(Harry KEWELL 8’, 50’)
Saturday, 18 February 2012
Suncorp Stadium
Local kick-off: 6:45pm (7.45pm AEDT)
Referee: Jarred Gillett
Crowd: 18, 523


Starting Line-ups:


Brisbane: Fitzgerald for Broich (50’), Nakajima- Farran for Henrique (75′)

Unused Subs: Mundy, Redmayne


Melbourne: Thompson for Solórzano (45’), Allsopp for Kewell (75’)

Unused Subs: Broxham, Velaphi


Both teams made one change each to their starting line-ups from last weekend with Nichols coming back in for the Roar replacing Fitzgerald, while Thompson’s injury was bad enough to keep him on the bench with Solórzano replacing him. Brisbane also promoted import Issey Nakajima-Farran to the bench following his 3 goal showing in Canberra, he replaced James Meyer.


Besart celebrated his new 2 year extension in style with another brace of goals, taking his tally to 15 and past Van Djik’s club record for goals in a season. He’s also only 4 behind the league high 19 set by Shane Smeltz from the GC days, and it’s not impossible to see him topping that. His 1st goal came early on obviously and while it seemed like a spectacular solo goal –and it was with the way he evaded 4 Victory defenders- the defence splitting pass from Broich to get the ball to him was class, and it’s a good example of why he was unable to score when Thomas wasn’t in the side.


The 2nd goal reminded me of a goal we saw recently from the Roar down in Gosford when they played the ball from the back to the front quickly and with 3 simple passes. Against the Mariners it started with a free kick from Theoklitos and ended up with a delightful pass from Murdocca playing in Berisha, but on this occasion it was a more constructed play and it totally picked Victory apart.



When Smith picked the ball up at the back there was no pressure on him and he had the chance to play out, and they even left Franjic time to control, assess the options and pick his pass with very little pressure. That was Victory’s 1st mistake, you have to put some pressure onto the Roar and stop them playing out, or your going to get dismantled like they did on this occasion. From there this goal is once again down to Thomas Broich and his craftiness because the position he took up behind the midfield trio of the Victory immediately meant that they were out of the play and he could run at the defenders. The run down the right by Henrique was extremely well timed and much like the Fitzgerald run in Gosford where he went early to get the vital half yard gap, Henrique did likewise. From there it was pretty basic really, Henrique slides the ball across the penalty area to the back post where Berisha made his run away from the defenders and he gets the tap in, Beautiful goal- simple in its execution, but extremely well taken.


While there were positive signs on the offensive side of the ball, there were still a couple of concerning factors in defence that reared their heads this past weekend. Take Victory’s 1st goal for example:



There was a 50/50 ball 5 yards inside Brisbane’s half between Paartalu and Rojas which Rojas won comfortably. That to me shouldn’t happen not least because of the fact that Paartalu is twice the size of the diminutive Rojas, and the young Kiwi won the contest easily. The net effect of that is that the back 4 was exposed because Murdocca, Nichols and Stefanutto were in advanced positions expecting Paartalu to win possession in that spot.


From there Rojas had free license to run at the Roar defence and the smart thing he did here was draw in Smith, Murdocca who had tracked back, Adnan and Franjic which opened up multiple passing options for Rojas. He could have slid in Solórzano at the near post who as we know is deadly in the box, he could have tried a cute little ball between Adnan and Franjic for Hernandez –although that would have been a low % place, but instead he chose the completely free Harry Kewell who was ghosting in at the back post completely unnoticed, and that’s the big issue with this play on defence. The root of the problem was that Franjic had come too far across providing cover that wasn’t really required and he left his man free ghosting in and Kewell is the last man in the Victory team id be leaving free.
On the 2nd goal its been run to death in the media so im sure most are aware it was a simple square pass from Thomas that Kewell picked off, but there’s two points id like to make about it. Victory did a good job at closing him down on this occasion and forcing him to look square rather than forwards and the other was the way that Kewell just blew past Adnan like he was just standing there. Im not sure if that was due to Adnan defending poorly or Kewell simply having high confidence and a head of steam up.


Player Ratings:

Brisbane: Theoklitos 7, Franjic 6, Adnan 7, Smith 6, Stefanutto 6, Paartalu 6, Murdocca 7, Nichols 6, Broich 8, Henrique 7, Berisha 8, Issey 6, Fitzgerald 6.


Melbourne: Covic 6, Franjic 6, Leijer 6, Luzardo 6, Fabio 6, Milligan 6, Jeggo 6, Rojas 7, Hernandez 7, Kewell 8, Solórzano 6, Thompson 6, Allsopp 6.




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