Disciplinary Record- Part two.


Back in late December I wrote a post outlining where club sat in relation to Yellow Cards and suspensions and the like. Well since that time no player has crossed that 5 card limit, and the FFA’s late season rule of increasing it to 8 Yellows means that its highly doubtful any Roar player will miss a game due to accumulation of Yellow Cards. Here’s the tally as it stands:



In addition to this, the FFA award an annual ‘fair play’ award to the team who accumulates the least amount of Yellow and Red Cards throughout the season, so let’s take a quick look at the leader board. All of this is taken from the A-League page on Wikipedia.  This award is scored in 3 categories, and each category has its own points allocation, as outlined below.

Yellow Cards: 1 point

Yellow Cards= Red Card: 2 points

Red Cards: 3 points



So there you have it, Brisbane is on track to win the 2011/12 fair play award, with a narrow lead over Central Coast. I believe they won this award last year so this title defence is going to plan. It’s also good to see both Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC at the bottom of this table as a Brisbane fan. I’ve always thought they are two of the more thuggish teams in the league and this table justifies that.

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