13.03.11- 1 year on


Hard to believe its been 1 year already, but today makes it 1 year since that truly epic contest at Suncorp Stadium, known as the 2011 A-League Grand Final. Im sure that DVD player’s city-wide will be getting a bit of a workout tonight as most of us relive that memorable day. Everyone has there own memories of that day, but here’s a few of mine.


–          Arriving in King George Square around midday for the Orange Army march, and seeing a sea of Orange. The March up to Caxton Street was amazing on its own. Infact the entire pre-game around the stadium was awesome too.

–          I remember the players coming out of the tunnel to a wall of noise of which I hadn’t previously heard at a football game in Brisbane.

–          I remember Matt Simon coming very close to opening the scoring in the 1st 15 minutes, and Mitch Nichols smashing a shot off the crossbar from a corner midway through the 1st half.

–          I remember the huge shower that engulfed the ground just before half-time.

–          I remember Brisbane absolutely battering Central Coast in the 2nd half from minute 46’ to about 70, and then thinking it wont be our day and that we would cop a sucker punch on the break like we had so often in the past.

–          I remember my nerves being totally shot from about the 75th minute on, and remember Bernie Ibini being clean through and being extremely grateful that the referee blew for full time.

–          I then recall being devastated when Kwasnik scrambled the ball across the line to make it 1-0, and Matt McKay dropping to his knees as the ball went past him.

–          When Bozanic scored and made it 2-0 I remember them celebrating in front of their bench and thinking that the game was over.

–          I remember the 10,000 odd bandwagoners fans who left from half-time in extra time right up until the 1st goal was scored.

–          Then the unthinkable began to happen as Henrique managed to finally force 1 past Ryan, and seeing people who were beginning to leave sit back down.

–          I remember seeing the foul bump by Rocky Visconte and the subsequent winning of the corner and saying to myself ‘surely not’

–          I remember glancing at both benches and the contrasting emotions.

–          I remember the whole crowd standing as one and joining the Brisbane clap clap clap chant.

–          Then I recall taking a deep breath as Broich took  the corner

–          Then what is still the loudest sound I have ever heard as Erik’s header nestled in the corner of the net, followed by the most overwhelming sense of relief I have ever felt

–          I can still see Matt McKay running down the wing arms outstretched and shaking his head in what to me is the most iconic image in BRFC history.

–          I then saw the seats vacated previously by those bandwagoners fans miraculously filled again.

–          For the penalties I was surprisingly calm as everyone went up and took their pens, for a fraction of a second I thought that Erik had put his wide.

–          Then as McBreen walked up for some reason I thought he would miss, I don’t know why, but I just sensed he’d either miss or that Theo would save it.

–          About 2 minutes later I remember a Roar almost as loud as the one earlier when Theo made a 2nd penalty save, and the Roar were 1 kick from glory.

–          I remember the anticipation, the silence as Henrique stuttered in his run, followed by the most joyous moment as a Roar  supporter that I have ever witnessed. We were champions.


Finally to quote the great Matt McKay… Ohh Yeahhhh



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