Brave Brisbane battle for away draw

Well it could have been more given how the game panned out, but Brisbane Roar will be returning from an Asian away fixture with a 2nd draw, following the 1-1 draw with Ulsan. Brisbane played some beautiful football throughout the game, and despite being a man down for basically the entire 2nd half- could very easily have won the fixture.


Ulsan Hyundai 1: Jae Seong Lee 54′

Brisbane Roar 1: Fitzgerald 36′

Wednesday April 4

Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium

Referee: Andre El Haddad


Starting Line-ups:


Hingert for Fitzgerald (52’), Brattan for Murdocca (67’), Visconte for Nichols (87’)
Un-used subs: Redmayne, Mundy, Lambadaridis, Danning
Yellow Cards:
Murdocca (31’)

Red Cards: Jurman (47’)


Ulsan: Shin-Wook for Ienaga (59’), Dong-Suk for Maranhão (77), Hyo-Gi for Seong-Yong (89’)

Un-used subs: Young-Kwang, Seung-Il, Chang-Woo, Jin-Ouk
Yellow Cards: Nil

Red Cards: Nil

Brisbane’s 1st two ACL games have began with them being nervous and showing a bit too much respect to the opponents- in this one however they were straight onto the front foot. Fitzgerald and Broich were doing some clever work down the flanks with Murdocca having two good chances inside the 1st 10 minutes. The pattern of the 1st half was with the visitors dominating for large parts, but Ulsan did have two chances of their own.


Ulsan captain Tae-Hwi cannoned a header off the crossbar from a corner after about 20 minutes in what was their best chance of the half. Their other came from Theoklitos bizarrely deciding to remain on his line and not come out to collect, which allowed Keun- Ho to collect. Theo then did come off his line into no mans land, and should be very grateful for Stefanutto for clearing off the line expertly.
Brisbane finally got reward for their effort with 10 minutes remaining in the half as Fitzgerald put them infront- for the 1st time in the entire competition. Paartalu did well to pick out Franjic’s run down the right side whilst in traffic and the fullback played a low cross into the feet of Berisha who unselfishly decided to lay it off to the onrushing Fitzgerald to fire home. 1-0 Brisbane, and a very tidy goal to boot.


Brisbane’s joy however would not last as just two minutes into the 2nd half they were reduced to 10 men when Matt Jurman saw Red. The lead-up to the moment was unfortunate for the young defender because he slipped on the surface but his action to drag him down was uncalled for imo. Theo was rushing out and his touch was slightly heavy so there was a decent chance that he wouldn’t have even gotten to the ball. Perhaps it was just that he was rusty due to a lack of football recently but it was a poor decision. I’ve seen in the comments on the page that some think it shouldn’t be a red card, but when you drag a man down 10 yards from goal directly in front its going to be a red card every day of the week. The penalty itself was a poor one at a good height for a keeper and Theo saved it comfortably.


While Brisbane were spared on the penalty they did concede some 5 minutes later on a corner which is always frustrating. Ok so the corner was initially dealt with they didn’t clear the danger sufficiently and were punished when the left full back Jae-Seong got on the end of an Estiven cross to make it 1-1.


Ulsan obviously had more of the ball than Brisbane in the 2nd half and dominated in terms of possession and territory but they didn’t really do a lot with it. A header from Shin-Wood which Theoklitos managed to grab not long after the goal was as close as they came to a winner.  Brisbane’s forays were typically on the counter as you would expect and down the right side through Jack Hingert who made a decent contribution when he came on and Brisbane probably had the best chances to win the match through Nichols and Berisha late on.  The good thing from a Brisbane perspective in the 2nd half is that despite them being down to 10 men they still managed to maintain their shape and way of play while also maintaining some control and possession in the game.


This was interesting to me atleast given how the match panned out and I was expecting something slightly different to what we saw-especially with the 3rd substitution. The first two were as to be expected and both Hingert and Brattan dd good jobs when they came on. Franjic who was pressed into the role at CB held his own in there for mine. It might also say something about Postecoglou’s faith in Mundy as a CB that he preferred Franjic.  The surprising change for me was the 3rd and final in the 88th when he swapped Nichols for Visconte in a move I thought at the time was pointless. Obviously Ange had decided that he was happy with a point following the red card but I thought that they had the chance to press the issue given how timid Ulsan were becoming. For mine bringing on Danning for one of Nichols/Berisha/Broich would have really caused them problems on the break, but that’s why he’s the reigning A-League coach of the year and im just talking about the game.


Player Ratings:
Theoklitos 7, Franjic 8, Smith 8, Jurman 6, Stefanutto 7, Paartalu 8, Murdocca 6, Nichols 7, Fitzgerald 8, Broich 8, Berisha 7, Hingert 7, Brattan 6, Visconte 6.

Ulsan: Seung- Gyu 7, Yong 6, Tae-Hwi 7, Jae-Soon 6, Jae Seong 7, Seong-Yong 7, Seo-Jun 6, Estiven 6, Ienaga 6, Maranhão 7, Keun-Ho 6, Shin-Wook 6, Dong-Suk 6, Hyo-Gi 6.


ACL table:
Following Matchday 3:


Brisbane Roar suspension watch:
Suspended: Jurman
2 yellow cards: Adnan (suspension served)

1 yellow card: Stefanutto, Franjic, Murdocca


2 Comments on “Brave Brisbane battle for away draw”

  1. Roon says:

    Hey Joe,

    Have you heard any news about a possible injury to Matt Smith? Looked like he was grasping at his groin/upper thigh coming off after the final whistle.

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