Youth play the same as the 1st team, get similar result.

Brisbane Roar NYL: 0

Melbourne Victory NYL: 1
At Goodwin Park, Yeronga.

 Acton, Dougall, Donachie, Takahashi, Visconte, Archibald, Brattan, Lambadaridis, Fitzgerald, Dong-Hyun, Proia.
Substitutions: Yeboah for Archibald (45’), Borrello for Proia (45’), Jackson for Donachie (60’- or something like that).


Melbourne Victory: Thomas, Ansell, Gallagher, Buceto, Murname, Boahene, Cernak, Nakic, Jeggo, Davis, Nabbout.

Substitutes: Cristaldo, O’Dea, Pain, Petrovski. (Idk when they came on- I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, but Jeggo came off with an injury and all 3 outfield subs were used.

This afternoon Brisbane Roar had their first home game of the NYL season against Melbourne Victory, and it was a case of history repeating as they had a 1-0 loss and played in similar vein to their A-League counter parts last night. The game itself was a close affair with very few chances for either team, but it was Jake Nakic who struck right on the stroke of half-time to give the visitors a 1-0 victory.

In an attempt to keep this short and not bore you with a long winded account of the action, I thought id break it down by looking at each players performance and other notes in a dot point format. I’ll start with various notes regarding the game:

–          Brisbane started with a customary 4-3-3 formation but the midfield was inverted at half time. In the 1st half they had Archibald deeper in the Paartalu role with Lambadaridis and Brattan ahead of him, however in the 2nd half Sime replaced Archibald with Kwame Yeboah making it more of a 4-2-3-1 if that makes sense.



–          Victory played in a similar style to Ange has adopted in the 1st team –no surprise- with Cernak, Nabbout and Davies floating around across the front.



–           At approximately the 35 minute mark Rado made his presense known behind the bench offering a suggestion/asking for Sime to change something which resulted in Fitzgerald and Do switching flanks. Fitzgerald started the game on the right and Do on the left.



–          Jason Geria and Corey Brown weren’t available today- I assume they were in camp for the u/19 Asian Championships.



–          Visconte played as a left back. Im not sure if it was out of nessasity with Corey Brown away on Young Socceroos duty or if they’re planning on converting him into a left back. He did a reasonable job there, however he was caught out for their goal.



–          The goal came down Victory’s right/ our left hand side when Visconte was beaten by the right winger who proceeded to cut the ball back from the by-line for Nakic to place his shot into the bottom corner.



–          The play from Brisbane was predominantly down the flanks rather than through the middle. This could have been because of the apparent strength in Brisbane’s wide players or a directive of the coaching staff- who knows. But it wasn’t overly effective and they created only the one genuine goal scoring chance midway through the 1st half.


Now onto the players:

Acton: He didn’t really have a great deal to do and there wasn’t a lot he could have done about the goal which was scored from on or about the penalty spot into the bottom corner. He was vocal however and assisted in playing out from the back.

Dougall: Most times I’ve seen Kenneth play he’s been used somewhere in the midfield tri, however today they used him –possibly out of nessasity- at right full-back. He did a good enough job defensively but didn’t get forward as often as he possibly could have, or should have.

Donachie: So dominant at this level, he’s just bigger, stronger and faster than any of the forwards he comes up against. Had no trouble dealing with Victory’s attacking players and was replaced in order to give Jackson some playing time in the 2nd half. Jackson did ok btw- but he’s a long way short of Donachie.


Takahashi: This was the 1st time I’ve seen Yuji play for Brisbane, and I have to say I thought he did really well at the back. He won all his aerial contests and fitted nicely into the possession style of game. Im not sure he’s 100% ready to seriously challenge Jurman for his shirt yet but he’s not too far away. Id like to see him get atleast another 2-3 games at this level under his belt in order to boost his match fitness 1st.



Visconte: I’ve seen Rocky deployed as a left fullback once before for the youth team (last season v AIS) when Brown was away so it wasn’t a complete shock. He did his defensive duties reasonably well and got forward when possible including winning creating a nice chance from a cut back at the by-line. He was beaten easily by the right winger for the goal however.



Archibald: Again, I’ll make it known im not the biggest fan of his and don’t think he’s all that good, but obviously somebody at the Roar does because he had the captains armband today. He was partly at fault for the poor 1st half showing for mine as imo he didn’t offer himself as a passing avenue through the middle while playing out. That resulted in Acton and the 2 cb’s passing across the penalty area before trying to play down either flank. He was replaced at HT by Yeboah.



Lambadaridis: George had a quiet game today and didn’t really have many opportunities to have an impact on the game due to the fact the game was largely played down the flanks from Brisbane.



Brattan: I wasn’t expecting to see him play today, but when I saw him warming up I decided to pay particular attention to see if he would make a real case for a 1st team shirt next week- and I have to say I don’t think he did enough. He didn’t have a poor game by any measure but he didn’t stand out enough for mine to warrant it. He did however work extremely hard for the team offering himself as a passing option and trying to make combinations with the wide players to build the play.

Fitzgerald: Fitzy didn’t have his greatest day and he almost seemed a bit disgruntled to be playing in his game, but im not sure he helped his case for a bench spot next Sunday as he wasn’t overly influential. He was marginally better when he moved to the left hand side however.

Dong-Hyun. I have to say, I think Do is still trying to adapt to the more physical nature of Australian Football. That was evident in the Round 1 game in Perth, and it was on show once again today. He continually tried to fake the fullback out wide and cut back inside, and every time he tried it the defender read it. He was also pushed off the ball far too easily for mine.

Yeboah: Came on at half-time in a 2nd striker/attacking midfielder position and did a reasonable job. Im not sure it’s his best position however as he tended to drift out of the space and into either channel on the wing. Would have liked to have seen him replace one of Fitzgerald/Dong-Hyun as a genuine winger.

Proia: Started the game upfront but had to come off at half-time due to a knock he picked up on his lower leg/ankle. He wasn’t really in the game all that much for similar reasons to Berisha last night, although unlike Besart, Proia didn’t come deep looking for the ball as much.

Borrello: Came on at half time to replace Proia and like his fellow striker he didn’t really get a sniff in front of goal. He did however put himself about a bit more and also dropped a little deeper to help link the play similar to Berisha does in the 1st team, although that could have been a tactical tweak from the coaching staff with Yeboah also up top.

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