Disciplinary record- October

This is the 1st in a season long series keeping track on both the Yellow Card situation, and the fair play award- something Brisbane has won Brisbane has won on 3 occasions (2008-09, 2010-11 and 2011-12). Ofcourse 4 yellow cards means an automatic one match ban and surprise surprise Jacob Burns is the 1st player to accrue a ban after he was the only player to see Yellow in all 4 of his clubs games thus far.


But enough laughing at Perth and Jacob Burns, Brisbane has their own disciplinary issues to worry about with the following players picking up yellow cards this year to date.



On now to the fair play award table after the month of October and Central Coast Mariners have the lead on 7 points, narrowly ahead of Brisbane on 8 points with Western Sydney and Melbourne Victory tied for 3rd on 10. Melbourne Heart are at the bottom with a total of 15, 1 point more than Perth who have 14. For those who aren’t aware the system works as follows:

1 point: Yellow Card
2 points: 2nd yellow card
3 points: Automatic red card


Here’s the table:

*All cards taken from the Fox Sports A-League Match tracking service.


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