Round 5 Match Preview: Brisbane Roar v Adelaide United.

Brisbane Roar are back at Suncorp Stadium for the 2nd weekend in a row and will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing performance last week against Western Sydney Wanderers. They’ll be running into an in form Adelaide United side who have a strong record in Brisbane under John Kosmina. Kickoff is at 4.00pm on Sunday afternoon.




Sunday November 4th

Brisbane Roar vs. Adelaide United

Referee: Chris Beath

Assistant Referees: Ashley Beecham and Anton Shchetinin.
4th official: Matt Gillet.


Official squads:
Brisbane Roar squad:

1. Michael Theo (GK), 2. Matt Smith (c), 3. Shane Stefanutto, 4. Matt Jurman, 5. Ivan Franjic, 6. Erik Paartalu, 7. Besart Berisha, 8. Massimo Murdocca, 10. Henrique, 11. Ben Halloran, 13. Yuji Takahashi, 14. Rocky Visonte, 16. Do Dong-Hyun, 17. Mitch Nichols, 18. Luke Brattan, 19. Jack Hingert, 20. Matt Acton (GK), 22. Thomas Broich, 24. Nick Fitzgerald.

*Four to be omitted*



Ins: Rocky Visconte (promoted), Do Dong-Hyun (promoted), Nick Fitzgerald (promoted), Ivan Franjic (returns from injury)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: Nil



Adelaide United squad:

1.Eugene Galekovic (gk) (c), 2.Osama Malik, 3.Nigel Boogaard, 5.Iain Fyfe, 6.Cassio, 8.Marcelo Carrusca, 9.Sergio van Dijk, 10.Dario Vidosic, 11.Bruce Djite, 12.Antony Golec, 14.Cameron Watson, 16.Daniel Bowles, 17.Iain Ramsay, 19.Jake Barker-Daish, 21.Jeronimo Neumann, 22.Fabio Ferreira, 30.John Hall (gk)

*Two to be omitted*



Ins: Nigel Boogaard (promoted), Jake Barker-Daish (promoted)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: Jon McKain (leg – to be reviewed), Paul Izzo (international duty)


Without wanting to remind you of it- Brisbane were poor last week, but the past is the past so let’s move on. The question is- how do they go about fixing the issues from last weekend? The first, and perhaps easiest adjustment is the mentality the boys take from the start of the game. Last week it was evident to everyone that they had a sluggish start and perhaps underestimated the opposition. There is absolutely no chance of that occurring on Sunday.


From a footballing sense they didn’t do a lot wrong on the defensive side –shoddy marking at a corner not withstanding- and their pressure off the ball was good, so if they can replicate that they should be ok. Where the improvements or changes (whichever you prefer) need to occur is their play with the ball as last week it was disjointed at best. Some credit for that should go to West Sydney but still, improvement is required. For mine they should revert back to what’s made them what they are today and go back to the short passing through midfield. Last week Wanderers’ pressure didn’t really allow them to do so effectively and while Adelaide press I’m sure the boys can and will play out from the back better than that.  Last week the more direct option to Halloran wasn’t really working and it’s clear the other clubs are awake up to that tactic now.

In terms of personnel there’s a boost to the defence with Ivan Franjic back available after injury and he’s likely to replace Jack Hingert at right fullback. Other than that I don’t see Rado making en masse changes this week, however I can see Henrique getting his 1st start of the season. When he came on against West Sydney last week he added a burst of energy to the performance in his floating midfield role and I can see him taking up a similar role on Sunday. Unfortunately that’s likely to mean Massimo Murdocca will be dropped to a bench role with a reshuffle on the rest of the bench.

Likely Brisbane starting line-up: Theo, Franjic, Smith, Jurman, Stefanutto, Paartalu, Nichols, Henrique, Halloran, Broich, Berisha.
Substitutes: Acton, Takahashi, Murdocca, Fitzgerald.
Omitted: Hingert, Brattan, Visconte, Dong-Hyun.



Adelaide have started the season in fantastic form with 3 wins from their opening 4 fixtures however due to them starting earlier than the rest because of their ACL commitments they’ve obviously got up to competition  speed quicker. They’re a much different side to last season with the pace of Jeronimo upfront and additional wide players like Carrusca and Ferreira which gives them an extra dimension in attack. Ex

Roar player Dario Vidosic is still however there most important player and he’s had a great start to the season.

Some might think that due to the recent 4-0 and 7-1 victories that Brisbane have the wood over Adelaide up here in Brisbane, but a deeper look would suggest otherwise, infact Brisbane/Queensland have never beaten a John Kosmina lead Adelaide line-up in 8 attempts including two 1-1 draws last season. Infact in 22 meetings against Adelaide, Brisbane have won just 6 compared to Adelaide’s 8, and their 1.18 points per game is the lowest across any of the teams in the league of whom Brisbane has played atleast 15 games.

Adelaide’s squad is a deep one and Kosmina has plenty of alternatives available to him (especially upfront) but I cant see him making too many changes from last weekend. I’m a fan of Cameron Watson and it wouldn’t surprise me if he came into the midfield in place Osama Malik. Besides that it’s likely to be business as usual for the reds.
Likely Adelaide starting line-up: Galekovic, Bowles, Fyfe, Golec, Cassio, Carrusca, Watson, Vidosic, Ramsay, van Djik, Jeronimo.
Substitutes: Hall, Malik, Ferreira, Djite





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