NYL- Roar vs AIS

It was a wet and rainy afternoon at Goodwin Park, but Brisbane won the game 4-2. However that’s not the important part of this, most people were far more interested in who would stake a claim for the 1st team.



Here’s some brief notes:

Takahashi- Good, did enough to show he’s ready for the 1st team imo upon reflection. Had some nice passes out of defence and wasn’t beaten very often.

Donachie- Not his best game, as he gave away a penalty (aparently) and was also at fault for the 1st goal.
Liftin- 1st time i’ve seen this kid play and he had a really impressive performance imo playing as the #10. Tidy goal too, but still to raw for the 1st team.

Dong Hyun- Scored a complete fluke and set up Proia on the counter for a tap in but overall wasn’t influential enough imo.


Proia- I liked his game thought it was very good. Worked extremely hard upfront closing down and often got frustrated at Dong-Hyun and Yeboah for not closing down propery. Shows he cares however and I like that. Also shows he knew what was at stake today, not sure the rest fully grasped it.



Roar goals:
1) Came from very high pressure and an insane attempt to play out from AIS. Liftin played in nicely and slotted home. Good run from midfield.
2) A complete fluke. Do put in a cross turn shot which the AIS keeper somehow managed to palm into his own net.
3) A fast break from an AIS corner (I think) which saw Dong get in behind the defence before cutting back to Proia from the by-line for an easy tap-in.
4) Nice move which resulted in a penalty. Dougall slotted home comfortably.



AIS goals:
1) Play down AIS’ right/ Roar’s left and a goal from a cut back.
2) Didn’t see the lead-up to the goal but im told Donachie gave a penalty away, which was put into the roof of the net.


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