Roar end losing streak with big win over Sydney.

Brisbane Roar 4 (Broich 30, Paartalu 33, Halloran 45, Berisha 57)

Sydney FC 2 (Del Piero 42, 49)

Crowd: 22,970 @Suncorp Stadium.



Brisbane Roar: Theo, Hingert, Franjic, Smith, Stefanutto, Paartalu, Murdocca, Halloran, Henrique, Broich, Berisha.
Subs: Fitzgerald for Henrique (78’), Jurman for Hingert (81’), Brattan for Berisha (82’).
Un-used subs: Acton.
Yellow Cards: Paartalu (71’)
Red Cards: Nil

Sydney FC: Necevski, Ryall, Fabio, Bosschaart, Emerton, Reid, Del Piero, McFlynn, Yau, Abbas, Grant. 
Subs: Powell for Reid (46’), McClenahan for Abbas (46’), Chianese for Yau (78’)
Un-used subs: Janjetovic.
Yellow Cards: Fabio, Ryall, Del Piero, Yau, Emerton, Bosschaart.
Red Cards: Nil

Very quick review this week guys. All these storms have played havoc with my Electricity and Foxtel connection so I haven’t been able to re-watch the game back as yet. Here are some dot points, and then a couple on the NYL from today.

The midfield was far better on Friday. There was a lot more pressure on the ball, and a lot more quick interplay that were use to seeing from Brisbane Roar. Paartalu –who I’ve criticised in recent weeks was much better. Nice to see him score aswell.



Franjic at CB was an interesting move, and it threw things off imo. I put the two Sydney goals down to that lack of a genuine understanding that Franjic and Smith would have had. The first goal came because neither pressured the shot (cracking finish btw) and the 2nd from a quality run that fooled them both, and Theo.

Ben Halloran’s goal raised an interesting thought in my mind- is he better off on the left hand side? The way that he hit that shot so confidently was far and away better than any he’s had thus far this season. Maybe a slight tweak of Henrique on the right, Broich central and Halloran left at times throughout the game is worth considering? I wouldn’t do it all game because Henrique was very dangerous in the central position aswell.

Even though he’s been below his best this season, I was surprised that Mitch Nichols wasn’t even in the matchday XV. I would have thought at worst he would be on the bench, but my thoughts echoed most fans who thought Paartalu should have been the man to make way. Worked out well for Rado though, and I now wonder how long until Nichols gets back in?

Brisbane still haven’t lost at home to Sydney since late 2007, so long may that continue.


Player Ratings:

Theo 7, Hingert 7, Franjic 7, Smith 7, Stefanutto 7, Paartalu 7, Murdocca 7, Halloran 7, Henrique 8, Broich 7, Berisha 7, Fitzgerald 6, Jurman 6, Brattan 6.

Necevski 6, Ryall 6, Fabio 6, Bosschaart 6, Emerton 6, Reid 6, Del Piero 8, McFlynn 6, Yau 7, Abbas 6, Grant 6, Powell 6, McClenahan 6, Chianese 6.

Up next:
Brisbane heads south to Gosford to take on their old sparring partner in Graham Arnold and the Central Coast Mariners next Sunday.


One Comment on “Roar end losing streak with big win over Sydney.”

  1. Julio says:

    Henrique man of the match???
    Were you there??

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