Busy week notes: Public comments, Geria, Socceroos, November Disciplinary record.

After the success of last weeks notes post, I thought id write another as this has been an equally big week based around some public comments from Rado and some senior players, the loss of a talented defender to Victory, the final cut for the East Asian Cup Qualifiers and the 2nd of a season long instalment about discipline and the fair play award.


Starting with the positive news of the week and that is two of the mainstays of the back to back championship winning squad have been rewarded with a chance to win their 1st national team caps next week. Both Matt Smith and Ivan Franjic have been named in the 20 man squad to take on Hong Kong, North Korea, Guam and Chinese Taipei. In the meantime they’ll miss this week’s game at home to Newcastle and next weeks trip to West Sydney Wanderers. Former skipper Matt McKay also made the cut, while current winger Ben Halloran and former midfielder Dario Vidosic didn’t make the cut.

That does however leave Rado with a tricky situation of having to replace both central defenders from last weekend, and wether we like it or not- Jurman will get another chance (possibly his final) over the next 2 weeks to show he belongs in the side. I won’t go into too much detail about who’ll play next to him- I’ll save that for the preview post tomorrow. All I’ll say is that it’s very disappointing that a young defender like Jason Geria was able to move on from the side at a time when he could possibly have made his 1st team debut –probably from the bench- this weekend. It’s disappointing, but there’s still James Donachie who’s a valuable young defender in the squad (and probably will start on Saturday) so it’s not like they let their only good young CB go.

The big theme of the week has been the constant public comments coming from players, and player agents about the way they’re being dealt with at the Roar lately. 1st it was Matt Jurman who through his agent Terry Palapanis began public negotiations about a new contract which is apparently ‘ongoing’. Following that ever-present midfielder Erik Paartalu said to Aus. 442 that all of the public comments from the coaching staff have created an air of negativity around the club. While I agree that these public comments aren’t the smartest idea from Rado and that he should be keeping them in-house wherever possible, he’s not wrong with what he’s saying. The defending is amateurish at times, but perhaps there’s a better way of getting that message across. You can also make the argument that he shouldn’t be talking publically either given his start to the season which has mirrored the fortunes of the side as a whole aswell.



2012-13 Brisbane Roar disciplinary record- November.


Brisbane Roar yellow cards:
A quick reminded that 4 yellows equals an automatic 1 game ban.

League wide discipline record:

Reminder that a yellow card is worth 1 point, a 2nd yellow is worth 2 points and red card is worth 3 points.



So Matt Jurman and Shane Stefanutto are now 1 yellow card away from an automatic week off while Berisha, Smith and Nichols are halfway there. On the teams front Brisbane is now once again back at the top of the table after only getting 7 yellows this month. At the other end of the spectrum Sydney amassed a massive 16 yellows this month at an average of 4 per game.


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