Brisbane drop more points on the road, this time in Parramatta

A-League Rd 10 - Western Sydney v Brisbane


Remember the days when Brisbane couldn’t lose on the road? It sure would be nice to turn back the clock to the early days as Brisbane lost away from home again yesterday making it 4 losses out of 5 on the road this season. A late Shinji Ono penalty was enough to give the home side their 2nd successive win against the defending champions.

So, what went wrong yesterday? Well, there were a few things I noticed out there, some good, some terrible. I guess I’ll start with the goal and while I will admit Kressinger also had hold of Jurman, and he did go down rather easily, it was still a poor piece of defending which he got suckered into. That’s two penalties this season which Jurman has coughed up, along with a host of points. Surely he will be dropped from the starting line-up for the trip to Melbourne next week- the question I guess is this: Has Hingert done enough to hold the right back slot which would force Franjic to move inside to CB next to Smith regularly, or has Donachie done enough to play next to Smith?



While the penalty was poor from Jurman, it’s not totally fair to just point the finger at him for this loss. As someone pointed out to me yesterday, and I agree, the Brisbane we’ve come to know and love of the past two seasons would have wrapped this game up long before then anyway with the possession they had in the 2nd half. Despite controlling large potions of the 2nd half Brisbane didn’t really create many clear cut goal scoring opportunities until after they had gone behind when Nichols and Stefanutto hit the woodwork. It’s a positive that in the 2nd half they were able to build up the play from the back, through midfield and into the final third, they just need to work out what to do when they get there.

Something which has bugged me a bit this season is Brisbane’s use of Halloran exclusively as a right winger to this point, but finally Rado mixed it up yesterday with Halloran, Henrique and Broich all rotating across the line of 3 behind Berisha. I was surprised by it, but I thought it worked reasonably for the short time they tried it, hopefully it becomes a more common tactic. The other thing about Halloran is they really, really need to stop just ‘going direct’ to him because it clearly isn’t working. He played reasonably well yesterday, but he was most effective we he got the ball to feet and could take his defender on, but that’s more about who’s passing him the ball.

Speaking of who’s passing him the ball –or atleast one of those passing it to him-, I thought yesterday was one of Paartalu’s poorer games in what has been an inconsistent season for him this year. He gave the ball away too often in situations that lead to Brisbane being exposed in defence because players were caught up the park. He also got caught in possession once or twice yesterday which is very unlike him.

I had a couple of other concerns out of the game, starting with Shane Stefanutto picking up his 4th yellow card of the season yesterday, which puts him 1 yellow away from a suspension. The lack of substitutions until so late in the game also was puzzling. Now I understand that we were dominant possession and territory wise but we were struggling to create chances and we had an attacker with an impressive games to goals ratio just sitting on the bench. When he (and Takahashi) came on I was also surprised at who came off, given the right hand side had been performing reasonably well going forward throughout the game.

The other is this trend of Berisha dropping deeper and deeper to try and link the play. Now, it’s great that he wants to be involved in the build up, but when he’s back in the midfield line and winning the ball, there’s no outlet ahead for him to play the ball to because that’s where he’s meant to be. I wonder if it’s a directive from Rado, or a decision he’s taken on his own. If Berisha is going to drop deeper and pick the ball up, maybe one of Henrique/Broich need to stay up on the last defender to give him an option?


Briefly on Western Sydney, I thought they were alright, nothing special but a solid side who worked hard. It’s very clear they missed Aaron Mooy yesterday but from their perspective to get the win without him, and to get their marquee player on the scoresheet was good. The defence was solid enough and with La Rocca in midfield they had someone capable of breaking up Brisbane counter attacks. In attack they still seemed to lack ideas for mine. Overall though I don’t think that they were nearly as good as they were up here in round 4, but the still got the result.



Player ratings:
Theo 6, Hingert 6, Jurman 6, Donachie 6, Stefanutto 6, Paartalu 6, Murdocca 6, Halloran 6, Henrique 6, Broich 6, Berisha 6, Takahashi 6, Meyer 6, Nichols 6.

Western Sydney: Covic 6, Polenz 6, Beauchamp 6, Topor-Stanley 6, D’Apuzzo 6, Poljak 6, La Rocca 6, Cole 6, Hersi 6, Ono 6, Gibbs 6, Minniecon 6, Kressinger 6, Trifiro 6.

Up next:
The 2nd leg of the back to back away games, this time the boys will be in Melbourne to take on former boss Ange Postecoglou and the Melbourne Victory, who will no doubt want revenge for the 5-0 drubbing dished out in round 2.







2 Comments on “Brisbane drop more points on the road, this time in Parramatta”

  1. simon says:

    I did notice Broich pushing up front quite a bit when Berisha dropped back. I don’t think it worked very well. Broich should play deeper to provide the defence with an outlet and link to the attacking midfield, IMO.

    • Agreed with that, Didn’t work at all. If Berisha insists on dropping deep it should be Halloran wide right, Broich out on the left with Henrique on the shoulder of the last defender.

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