Review of Perth, Preview of Adelaide



Sorry, I’ve been extremely busy with the holidays so this is a very quick review of Friday night, and Preview of the Boxing Day game down in Adelaide. I’ll start with the review of the Perth game from Friday.

Firstly it was good to see Mulvey revert back to young James Donachie in central defence ahead of Jurman and Franjic. He and Smith could grow into a very strong central defensive pairing given the time imo. It also had the added benefit of Franjic playing in his natural right back role. The other change Mulvey made was to drop Halloran to the bench which I found a bit puzzling, bringing back Henrique into the side. He explained it who ways, firstly saying it was Henrique’s turn to start hinting at some sort of rotation policy, he then went on to say Halloran needs to get back to his old self taking on defenders. I agree with the later quote, and actually think some time on the left side might be what he needs.  Brisbane played pretty well on Friday, creating some good chances that they just couldn’t convert. Closest of all was Henrique who hit the bar but there were some positive signs out there amongst yet another defeat. The less said about Berisha’s miss the better.


Perth played similarly to they did in the Grand Final last year in that they when they got their goal they sat back and rode their luck. This time it worked, due to some reasonable defending and also a pretty wasteful Brisbane. They did have a good spell of possession in the 1st half and created a few good chances in it, the goal itself however was a bit of a surprise on the stroke of half time from Steven McGarry. There was some suggestion that it was a bad piece of defending from Donachie, but I don’t buy it. If anything the blame should go to whoever (Paartalu I think) gave the ball away.

Moving on to the preview of the Boxing Day match down in Adelaide, and ofcourse traditionally for us Brisbane fans this used to be a game against our former local rivals, this time however it’s a little further afield. Adelaide are coming into this game looking to put right a 6-2 defeat against Western Sydney on Friday night. In general however they’ve been in some good form throughout the opening half of the season with versatile attackers Marcelo Carrusca, Fabio Ferriera and Jeronimo Neumann looking like inspired signings by John Kosmina.

At the back they’re a very solid side with Galekovic in goals and a defence that’s working well together, it’s in midfield however they’ve improved this year. Malik as the deep lying midfielder controls the game very well making space for others ahead of him and he has a nice, yet simple passing game. Vidosic is obviously the one who makes them tick in a creative sense and it’s usually he who feeds the trio of foreign forwards. They’re going so well atm in the front third that Sergio van Djik rarely gets a look in with Djite and the 3 aforementioned players preferred.

As for Brisbane, well it’s getting to the stage where it’s 3 points or bust, and this is probably the worst case scenario timing wise to face Adelaide after a 6-2 mauling. Brisbane’s record on Boxing Day is also not the best with two losses and a draw from three attempts. But they played better on Friday and with a bit more luck and composure in the front third could have got something out of the game.

Selection wise I don’t foresee any major changes to the starting side- possibly Halloran in for one of Henrique or Nichols but other than that it should be the same side. On the bench Jurman is my bet to come in and replace the injured Jack Hingert, but other than that it should be the same 15. It doesn’t look like they’re going to do it, but if Berisha isn’t 100% fit I would rest him and let him get himself right before he does more damage to that shoulder.

Predicted starting line-ups:
Brisbane: Theo, Franjic, Donachie, Smith, Stefanutto, Paartalu, Murdocca, Nichols, Halloran, Berisha, Broich.
Subs: Acton, Jurman, Henrique, Fitzgerald.

Adelaide: Galekovic, Watson, Boogaard, Fyfe, Cassio, Malik, Barbiero, Vidosic, Carrusca, Ferreira, Djite.
Subs: Izzo, Ramsay, Kostopoulos, Neumann.


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