Heart halt Brisbane’s revival

A-League Rd 15 - Heart v Brisbane


Melbourne Heart 3: Williams 13’, Tadic 35’, Fred 53’
Brisbane Roar 2: Berisha 74’, 76’

Melbourne: Redmayne, Marrone. Gerhardt. Colosimo, Behich, Germano, Fred, Thompson, Garcia, Tadic, Williams.

Subs:Bolton, Hoffman, Mebrahtu, Macallister.



Brisbane: Theo, Franjic, Smith, Jurman, Stefanutto, Paartalu, Murdocca, Nichols, Halloran, Broich, Berisha.
Subs: Acton, Meyer, Fitzgerald, Lambadaridis.


Another away game in Melbourne, another loss to the Heart Although this wasn’t quite as bad as the last one, it still makes it 5 straight game without a win over the Heart, and just 1 point out of a potential 9 on offer in Melbourne this season. Heart went ahead 3-0 with goals from Williams, Tadic and Fred and were cruising to victory before Williams was sent off. Brisbane threatened to make a game of it late on with a quick fire brace from Berisha, but they couldn’t force the equaliser.


Despite winning back to back games for the 1st time this season, Mulvey opted to make a very interesting tactical tweak from the start by moving Besart Berisha into a wide left role. The re-shuffle saw Halloran revert to the right side and Thomas Broich play as sort of a false #9. They had a lot of the ball in the early phases -and the whole game to be fair-, but the lack of a focal point upfront made it difficult to create chances. Eventually after about half an hour he moved Berisha back up front with Broich wide left, before fixing the problem at HT by bringing Fitzgerald on for Murdocca to play wide left, with Broich moving back into a slightly deeper midfield role.


The biggest reason imo for today’s loss however was the defensive transition, or lack thereof. If you go back and watch the goals you can see very clearly that certain players are out of position which in turn forced other players to make desperate efforts to cover them. Yes, the referee and his assistant made some dreadful calls today, but that only affected 1 of the 3 goals. If you go back and look a the 3 goals it’s pretty clear when you look at it.

If you look at the 1st goal there’s slight disorganisation between Smith and Jurman, however it was Franjic who had failed to track back on the right side which allowed Williams free reign of the left hand channel. For the 2nd, take away the fact he’s offside, Smith is playing the offside trap, but Paartalu was beaten up the park and Jurman was in no mans land and neither pressed the ball, nor drop back to help cover Tadic. The 3rd goal was even more disappointing because it came from a simple goal kick, Fred ran the length of the pitch, lost his marker –Paartalu I believe- which meant Jurman had the impossible task of marking two players on or around the penalty spot. When Mulvey talks about things that need to be fixed and addressed, this is the #1 area he should be looking at imo.





Player ratings:
Melbourne: Redmayne 6, Marrone 6. Gerhardt 7. Colosimo 6, Behich 6, Germano 7, Fred 7, Thompson 7, Garcia 7, Tadic 7, Williams 7, Hoffman, 6 Mebrahtu 6, Macallister 6.



Brisbane: Theo 6, Franjic 6, Smith 6, Jurman 6, Stefanutto 6, Paartalu 6, Murdocca 6, Nichols 6, Halloran 6, Broich 6, Berisha 7, Meyer 6, Fitzgerald 6, Lambadaridis 6.

Up next:Brisbane are back on the road next weekend, against an equally desperate and inconsistent Newcastle Jets side.



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