5 into 4 doesn’t go

As the title suggests- 5 into 4 doesn’t go- so which one of Brisbane’s 5 foreign legion will miss out on the ACL campaign? Before debating the
relative merits of each player a couple housekeeping issues for those unaware:

  • A-League regulations allow for 5 foreign players, for the ACL it’s only a maximum      of 4
  • 1 of those 4 foreign players must be from another AFC member nation (Do Dong-Hyun)
  • They can change the squad between the Burinam qualifier and the group stage if they qualify should they wish
  • Despite some speculation to the contrary- as it stands right now Henrique doesn’t  count as an Australian citizen.


For the upcoming ACL qualifier against Burinam it seems to be an easy decision with Henrique injured for the next 2-3 weeks. That means for that game atleast the 4 foreign players will be Do Dong-Hyun (AFC foreigner), Besart Berisha, Thomas Broich and Stefan Nijland. From there on, we might talking about a moot point given there’s no guarantee of a group stage position, but for the purposes of this, lets assume they get by Burinam- which of the five misses out?


Baring injury, for mine there are 3 locks:

  • Do Dong Hyun (AFC member nationality foreigner)
  • Thomas Broich
  • Besart Berisha


Regardless of weather or not he plays a single minute in the ACL or not- Do Dong-Hyun will be apart of the squad. Thomas Broich and Besart Berisha are also locks to be involved given their importance to the side. Neither were particularly outstanding on the continent last season but their quality is too high to leave out of the squad.
So that leaves you two players for one spot- and I realise it’s difficult right now but it’s a decision that will be needed to be made in the next couple of weeks by the football department at Roar HQ. Henrique or Nijen, long term fan favourite vs. the new signing from PSV. It’s hard to imagine that Nijland would miss the cut just because he’s a guy Mulvey wanted to bring in, unless he either a) gets injured, or b) is plain awful. It sucks for Henrique since he’s been such a long term player and a fan favourite but ultimately it seems like he’s going to be the one who’s going to have to take one for the team.


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