Mulvey sticks around for another two.



Just yesterday I wrote about how we might be seeing a new coach next season, but it seems either the GM’s quotes were inaccurate or there’s been a complete 180 with Mike Mulvey getting a new 2 year contract upon arrival home from Thailand. There’s a fair bit to digest here and it’s certainly caused plenty of discussion.

The first thing is- you can only hope and assume that they’ve done their homework on this front. You would hope that they sourced the international market and the domestic options just to see who’s available. It’s near impossible to prove either way but the fact that Kosmina and Merrick were linked suggests they atleast did some homework on external options.

The main question I have is- why not wait until the end of the season. If it’s a move designed to get the best out of this season and removing the interim tag is suppose to help make a late run to the finals- I strongly disagree with that logic. If it’s simply a case of Mulvey being the best man and why wait- well, I think there’s some debate there.

Mulvey ofcourse has a record of 3 wins in 10 matches as coach of Brisbane, and  when you add in his record at Gold Coast (1 win, 4 draws, 5 losses) and it’s hard to make an argument he’s the successful experienced candidate people were hoping for. While it’s unfair to blame him solely for the problems right now, in truth there hasn’t been a great deal of improvement as of yet and the same problems still exist. Now it’s his challenge to fix them either with tactics and new players because the one thing we can all agree on- the expectations are that they perform far better next season.


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