Brisbane season ends in Parramatta

Brisbane Roar: 0

Western Sydney Wanderers: 2 (Kressinger 16’, Ono 71’)




Brisbane’s season, and it’s quest for a 3rd successive championship ended last night down in Parramatta, with the Wanderers being just too good and too clinical on the night. A first half goal from Kressinger and a sensational second from Ono giving the hosts the win, and their first ever Grand Final appearance. The first half was controlled by the Wanderers with Brisbane failing to create a chance inside their penalty area. Brisbane were better in the second half but they just couldn’t make one of their half chances count.

Starting with Brisbane, they just weren’t at their best last night, and it’s pretty obvious the injury to Broich was more serious than was made out. He battled on out there but imo he just wasn’t himself, and when you add that to Ben Halloran not having his best game out on the right the usual penetration out wide just wasn’t there without Franjic. Brisbane did control the second half, but with the Wanderers just sitting back they were extremely well organised and tough to break down. The red card gave them a slight opening, however that just encouraged them to sit back on their 18 yard box and when they’re organised like they were it becomes near impossible to find a way through.

Western Sydney were as good as they’ve been all season, doing what they do best. The first goal they scored is a great example of what they do very well. They won the ball with extreme press in the attacking third when Brisbane had moved players forward into attacking positions, and within about 5 seconds and 2 passes Kressinger was in for a tap in. You could question the marking of Donachie and North with neither really close to Kressinger if you want to, but the counter attack was just so quick. As for the second, there isn’t a lot you can say about that, just a quality strike, too good.  Good luck to them in the final, although no Hersi for the decider will make it tough for them. They should probably be missing Beauchamp too who can count himself very lucky to avoid a 2nd yellow card just minutes after his 1st.

Screenshot_2013-4-13 15.1.35



Player ratings:
Theo 7, Franjic 6, Donachie 6, North 6, Stefanutto 6, Brattan 7, Lustica 6, Halloran 6, Nichols 6, Broich 6, Berisha 6, Murdocca 6, Yeboah 6, Nijland 6.
Western Sydney: Covic 7, Polenz 6, Beauchamp 6, Topor-Stanley 7, Cole 7, Perkatis 7, Polenz 7, Ono 8, Hersi 7, Bridge 7, Kressinger 7, Haliti 6, Trifiro 6, Elrich 7.



Up next: Well, it’s that long and quiet time also known as the off season, with the reality that there will be no Brisbane games until late June. In the meantime there’s the season review to look forward to.


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