Latest on the McKay rumours

It’s been a busy 24 hours with the Matt McKay news taking a couple of turns- lets start with the official news which is that Brisbane Roar have officially signalled their intent on re-signing the clubs former captain and foundation player ()

GM Dobson: “We’ve heard the calls from our members and our supporter groups to bring Matt McKay back to the club. At Brisbane Roar, we believe the Australian marquee spot on our playing roster should be filled by a player who our fans are proud to see wearing our orange jersey. We are in negotiations with our owners to find the resources to accommodate such a move and we’re hoping we can make this a reality for our members and fans.”

That however, was only the second update of the day, the first came in a paper only story from Marco Montverde, in which he provided more details on the rumoured deal. According to Marco it would likely be a 4 year deal worth more than a million dollars all up, and would include a post-football job. The story went on to speculate that the clubs former owners, and now sponsors –Claude and Serge Baradel of Luxury Paints- would be making a financial contribution to the deal.

The money and years, shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone, infact if you read our Thursday update, it was something that was speculated there. It would be something in the range of what Thomas Broich received last off-season which sounds about right. From all reports, a deal could be reached as soon as next week, which would provide a massive boost heading into next season. There is however still interest from an as yet, still unnamed Asian club.


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