Kofi Danning returns to Brisbane

The club has this afternoon confirmed that Kofi Danning has returned to Brisbane in order to continue his rehab on his knee. The press release from the club this afternoon seemed to indicate it was a preference for Danning to undergo his rehab in familiar surroundings and the club view it as their responsibility to help him back to full fitness. They also said that a decision will be made at a later date about a contract.

Danning, 22, was previously apart of the Roar squad in 2011-12 when the club won a second consecutive championship. Kofi made 14 appearances in the league and Champions League, scoring just the 1 goal –against Central Coast- and was largely a peripheral figure featuring mostly off the bench. Last season wasn’t particularly kind to Kofi, with a season ending knee injury and just the four appearances for Brisbane’s Belgian sister club CS Vise. In the past the attacker has played for Sydney, AIS and the Australian u/20 and u/23 teams.

This isn’t much of a surprise in all truth with all the recent stories around the place about Kofi preferring to remain in Australia for his rehab, and the fact he was in Brisbane. They also removed all doubt yesterday when his name was on the team sheet for the game against the Heart in Lismore.

Because Kofi is only rehabbing with the club and is not a contracted player for now, he has no bearing on the clubs A-League squad from a numbers and salary cap perspective. They will have to however have to keep a roster spot open for him however in the event that they do decide to add him to the squad.

It will however be a long time before we see Kofi back on the field –in Brisbane or elsewhere-. In truth if he can get himself fit for the latter rounds of the National Youth League campaign for the upcoming season, that would be the best case scenario as it would give Brisbane a chance to assess his progress in a competitive game as opposed to training. It’s a long road ahead for Kofi however, and we wish him all the best.


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