Report: Wellington struggling to find keeper for Round 1

Via: Daniel Richardson.

Brisbane’s round 1 opponents are struggling to find a goalkeeper for the round 1 clash across the Tasman. Regular keeper Glen Moss will be on All Whites duty as they try and qualify for the World Cup, while newly signed backup Lewis Italiano reportedly has an ankle injury which won’t be ready for round 1 of the new season.

This leaves new boss Ernie Merrick in a difficult position; given that Wellington have no NYL side to draw from. Goalkeeping coach Jonathan Gould sat on the bench a few times in the Ricki Herbert era, but he’s not in the shape to play .All of that means it will require Merrick to bring in a short term signing for the role, and Richardson suggests that regular call-up in these situations Jacob Spoonley will also be with the All Whites further complicating the issue.

The two names mentioned are Auckland City keeper Tamati Williams and Team Wellington backup James McPeake, although Richardson points out that City might not be willing to loan him out for a one of game, which would lead to the 22 year old McPeake getting his chance.

All of this is of course nothing but a bonus for Brisbane, who could be missing Matt McKay, Jade North and Ivan Franjic for the opening two weeks of the season due to International friendlies against France and Canada.


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