McKay still 50-50 for Sydney clash

Brisbane’s Australian marquee player Matt McKay is still uncertain about whether or not he will feature in tomorrow nights home opener against Sydney FC. He’s spent the week both travelling and recovering from two games in Europe against France (Friday) and Canada (Tuesday).

Training is relaxing (Ben Davis- @BenDavis74- 7 news)

Training is relaxing (Ben Davis- @BenDavis74- 7 news)

He played the full 90 minutes on Tuesday morning against Canada, a fact which irked Brisbane coach Mike Mulvey –and probably GM Sean Dobson who has been outspoken on his desire for McKay to be released early- in recent days. He was at training this morning, however he wasn’t involved in the session, limited to so physiotherapy/massage treatments.

Brisbane Roar coach Mike Mulvey on the situation:

“I don’t think we’ve been helped with the fact that he played in a game on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning EDT) in England that had nil consequences other than restore pride to the country,”
“There was a lot of fit players on the bench and I would have thought that if we thought about the A-League, he could have potentially been given 30 minutes rest.”
“Matty’s a really important part of our club and our team. I didn’t sign him to have him sitting in the stands.
“I want him to play as I’m sure the 30,000-plus that turn up tomorrow night to watch the game want the same. Hopefully Matty can play.”

There’s no doubt that McKay would be a welcome inclusion to the squad that scored a last gasp win against Wellington, with fellow midfielders George Lambadaridis and Diogo Ferreira injured- although Ferreira was close last week and should be in consideration again this week. Im expecting Matt to start tomorrow night, and be replaced by Ferreira midway through the second half- but that’s just me.


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