Dobson- no additions despite injury crisis.


Via Marco: Brisbane’s General Manager Sean Dobson has confirmed that there will be no additions to the squad despite injuries to four of the clubs twenty first team listed players. In addition to Berisha (hamstring) and Miller (calf), both George Lambadaridis and Kofi Danning are also out with knee injuries. Then there’s Luke Brattan who is unlikely to train this week after picking up a tibia injury on Friday.

“We’re going forward with our young Queenslanders and happy to give them and Devante, who has come up from Sydney, the chance.” Dobson cited youngsters Brandon Borrello, Devante Clut, Kwame Yeboah and Ben Liftin as players who are capable of stepping up. Yeboah of course is already in the squad, while Borrello and Clut were amongst the best from the youth team at the weekend.

Tbh there isn’t a great deal of surprise in this, Brisbane under the current regime have intimated time and again they don’t see short term fixes and marquee signings as the answer. This weekend Diogo Ferreira will likely start in the midfield –after 90 minutes in the youth team on Saturday- with Yeboah maintaining his place upfront.


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