Discipline Record: October


Over the course of the season we’ll keep tabs on the yellow and red card situation for both Brisbane and the rest of the league. It all adds up to the ‘Fair play Award’ on the A-League’s annual awards night, and Brisbane Roar won both the A-League and Youth League fair play award. In fact Brisbane have won the award for three successive seasons, and four times in six years all up. For those unaware of how the points are tallied up- here’s a reminder:

Awarded to the team with the lowest number of points on the Hyundai A-League fair play ladder at the conclusion of the regular season.
• Points will be awarded as follows:
a. Yellow Card – 1 point
b. 2nd Caution Red Card – 2 points
c. Direct Red Card – 3 points

I’ll start with Brisbane, and there isn’t a great deal to report here, with 5 players having one card each, while Jack Hingert is the only player to receive multiple cautions to date. Four yellow cards equals an automatic one match suspension for the opening 20 rounds of the competition.

Roar Cards-October

Around the league, there has been a lot of cards bandied about by the referees over the opening month of the competition, however there haven’t been any direct red cards as of yet. Adelaide are the only side to see a player dismissed from the field, picking up two 2nd Yellow Cards in the opening round against Perth. They also have the equal highest total of Yellow Cards alongside Western Sydney, while Brisbane and Central Coast top the leaderboard with just six yellow cards to date.

Discipline table- October


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