Brisbane wins despite not playing their best

Wellington Phoenix 1 (Hernandez 48’)
Brisbane Roar 2 (Smith 37’, Franjic 74’)
@ Wellington Stadium

Winning ugly (442/Getty Images)

Winning ugly (442/Getty Images)

Brisbane: Theo, Hingert, Donachie, Smith, Brown, Brattan, Miller, McKay, Franjic, Broich, Berisha.
Substitutions: Petratos for Miller (72’), Yeboah for Franjic (88’)
Unused Substitutes: Acton, Ferreira, Henrique.
Yellow Cards: Berisha
Red Cards: Nil

Wellington: Moss, Fenton, Sigmund, Durante, Muscat, Riera, Lia, Hernandez, Cunningham, Huysegems, Brockie.
Substitutions: Ifill for Brockie (69’), Hicks for Cunningham (71’)
Unused Substitutes: Italiano, Boxall, Brindell-South.
Yellow Cards: Brockie, Lia, Durante.
Red Cards: Nil.

Brisbane have picked up another 3 points on the road yesterday with an unconvincing 2-1 victory over Wellington. Brisbane started the game slowly, in what has become a pattern over recent weeks where certain players seem to take their time getting into the game. An example of this is Corey Brown who played reasonably well yesterday, but took about half an hour to get up to the level of the game. Wellington were the better side in the first half and arguably should have gone into half-time in front. In some ways it reminded me of the old Queensland Roar days where teams would come to Brisbane, we’d attack all game and they’d get a goal from a set piece.

Wellington’s big threat once again came in the transition of defence to attack where they opted to just get the ball forward quickly for Cunningham, Huysegems and Brockie to exploit the spaces, and as it has done in the past, it worked reasonably well again and they created some reasonable chances. Their goal however came from what was a pretty clear case of simulation from Cunningham, although the penalty was a good one from Hernandez.

Brisbane created their share of chances themselves and despite not having his best game, Berisha could have had a hat trick on another day. His penalty was a poor once given it was dead straight and at an easy height for Moss to stop. The goals were well created in the case of Smith’s the set piece and well taken in the case of Ivan’s. It is however a sign of a good team to win games like this, and these are the games you have to win in order to win the Premiership. Brisbane are now unbeaten on their last five trips to Wellington and have won their last four games.




Up next: Brisbane are back home on Friday night to take on the Jets in their only home game over the holiday period. The pitch could be a potential problem however with Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi holding concerts at the venue since the last game.


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