Brisbane enters National Premier League Queensland


Brisbane Roar have this week entered the NPL Queensland, with the youth team playing in the senior men’s competition, and the W-League side will play in the u-16 boys competition. The squads will be coached by regular coaches Jeff Hopkins and Belinda Wilson. The W-League girls will start their competition in February, while the Youth team will join the NPL Queensland when the competition starts in March.

Results are offcourse the main aim in a competitive game, but to play against senior players will be an important step in their development. The other big benefit for the youth team will be playing football all year round in the Brisbane Roar system which should in turn make them better players and much more familiar with the way of play. It’s also a good thing for the women who will get the same benefits, and it would also keep them fit for the upcoming Matildas fixtures, although I would have thought that playing in a women’s competition would have been better.

For the club itself, there are a bunch of spin off benefits, including the ability to scout players for the youth league set-up when they play against various sides. It could also provide an opportunity to bring players in on a trial basis to assess their abilities for either the first team or the youth squad. Infact we may have seen the first signs of that this week with the reported signing of Indonesian striker Yandi Sofyan. It could even be that at certain times of the year, some younger first teamers will feature in the competition. All up I think a lot of people are looking forward to the possibility to follow Brisbane all season long and it should provide a massive boost to the competition, especially at the Brisbane games. We’ll offcourse bring you the latest news and results around the games as Brisbane enter the state wide competition.


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