Report: Perry Park to become Brisbane’s home

Brisbane's 'Home of Football', and now home of the A-League Champions (Wikipedia)

Brisbane’s ‘Home of Football’, and now home of the A-League Champions

Perry Park has long been considered the ‘home of football’ here in Brisbane and as of next season the Bowen Hills facility will become the home of the Brisbane Roar. The clubs training and administrative offices will be moving from their Ballymore home just down the road, however there’s a chance that the team may still start pre-season training at the Herston venue due to the upgrades set to take place at Perry Park. It’s a topic that has garnered much discussion and debate in the three years this site has been in operation, and now that a decision has been made it’s a good time to re-visit the topic.

Back in late 2011 when I first broached this topic on the site, I analysed a host of local football bases with Perry Park amongst the best options for a host of reasons –along with QSAC and Richlands-. Perry Park ended up being rated second by myself at the time due to it’s location, history and facilities, just behind QSAC. Here’s what I said about the idea of Perry Park back in 2011:

– Central Location
– Has a reputation as ‘Brisbane’s home of football’
– Already has a stadium to host Youth/Women’s matches
– Potential to turn it into a clubhouse for supporters

– Pitch quality not always the best
– Stadium is now owned by the Local Government, and leased back to the Strikers making it challenging to alter the setup.
– Stadium used for QSL games by the Brisbane Strikers
– Stadium is a bit run down and would require significant upgrades to the pitch, the stands and the equipment required for a pro team
(gym, rehab pool, ect)

Since then there has obviously been significant improvements to the area, including the YMCA indoor Gym, workout and training facilities at the northern end which has been a massive boost. There have also been significant upgrades to the dressing rooms bringing them up to modern standard. The pitch is still more often than not less than desirable however there seems to be some plans in place to take better care of the surface, -including limiting the amount of traffic on it- with the venue to also be considered a potential training base for teams in next years Asian Cup. In addition to the playing field needing to be brought up to standard, the creation of the required off field facilities for video analysis and the like are also still concerns.

In terms of the upgrades expected and required, the main field is expected to undergo a massive transformation, and in all likelihood will see the turf relayed in order to provide the best quality of surface possible for both Brisbane and the Strikers to play on. In addition to that Field 2 -over on the Eastern side- will be fully transformed into a field that is up to training standard for Brisbane’s A-League and NYL sides, as well as the Strikers NPL side. There’s no word as of yet where the W-League side fits into the equation, however it’s likely they’ll play their home games at the venue at least. Pitches aside, work will also be done on the administrative and office facilities to make sure they are up to the standard required, while the grandstand will also undergo some refurbishments. Finally- the back room areas will also be addressed with Physio and treatment facilities, video analysis facilities, dressing rooms and other general facility upgrades are all also reportedly on the agenda.

Brisbane are likely to move into the facility before the start of the 2014-15 season when pre-season training gets underway in early June, however due to potential time constraints in upgrading the facilities in time that may be put on hold for a few weeks. From the Strikers side of things, their junior base has already relocated south to Logan’s Meakin Park, while their NPL side and senior administrative base will remain at Perry Park. However in the paper today it was suggested the admin base would not remain at Perry Park, rather it would move to Logan. Time will tell I guess. All up this is a positive development and outcome which will see Brisbane once again basing themselves at a football specific venue rather than the back park of a rival code.


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