Rumour: 1860 striker Benjamin Lauth linked to Brisbane

(The new Berisha?)

(The new Berisha?)

A report on German website has suggested that German striker Benjamin Lauth could be the man to come in and replace departed striker Besart Berisha. Earlier this season Lauth confirmed he would not be renewing his contract with the Bavarian club.

Lauth, 32, spent last season in the 2.Bundeslia at 1860 Munich where he scored 3 goals in 28 appearances this season. All up since 2008 he has scored an impressive 62 games in 184 games for the club with previous stints at Hannover, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Lauth also has been capped 5 times by his country about a decade ago, with his final appearance in 2004.

It’s well known that Mulvey is currently in Europe conducting discussions with a range of players for next season, however this is the first time a name has emerged. It doesn’t mean he’s been signed however, just that talks have, or will take place.

A translation of the report (in broken English is)

Munich – Benny Lauth could remain a lion even after his departure from the 1860 – however, at the other end of the world . Supposedly he is trading at an A – League club

On Sunday ran Benjamin Lauth (32 ) the last time in a league game for the Munich Lions on . 20 minutes he was allowed to storm again , a goal (1:1) However, it was in the game no longer permitted at the 1 FC Union. Thus, his career ended at 1860 on May 11, 2014 at 17.20 clock in Berlin- Köpenick .

It is no secret that Lauth his career still wants to continue . Only where this is not yet certain . ” Benny finds that the U.S. is an amazing country are ” revealed Lauths consultant Robert Schneider already the end of April . The Major League Soccer has seen many players are attracted to the end of her career.

But Benny Lauth is a report of the online portal also traded at the other end of the world . Supposedly, the Australian champion Brisbane Roar is interested in him. In their ranks a native of Munich already playing with Thomas Broich in the squad. After Brisbane will lose his star striker Besart Berisha, you are on the search for a successor .

Asked about the rumors said Lauths advisor to Schneider tz : ” Excluded is nothing But there is neither a specific request from Brisbane still a tendency , where Benny will play in next season That will certainly go on for a few weeks . . second-division season is yes just finished . ”

End of career in the Australian A -League – that sounds sensible. And yet another point , albeit a rather more emotional , speaks for Brisbane : The logo of the club is decorated with a big lion …


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